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Convert Website to Mobile App & Surprise Customers this Diwali (Exciting 30% Offer)


Mobile Commerce is revolutionary in the e-commerce industry these days. With easy access to smartphones, people love transactions on their mobile phones.

Many businesses have adopted mobile apps worldwide and this made purchases easy in one go.

Setting up an online eCommerce store is pretty easy with eCommerce solutions like Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, etc. 

With the growing popularity of mobile users, it’s essential to create mobile apps for businesses. Mobile apps are effective for every eCommerce store. 

For example, Grocery eCommerce, Fashion eCommerce, Online pharmacy store, Furniture eCommerce, and Online electronics store

Mobile apps can reach every fingertip of customers and reach a wider audience.

Why is the festive season a winner in e-commerce?

Why do businesses need to convert websites into a mobile app in this festive season? As sellers can expect the following conversions,

  • Increase in product visibility.
  • Liquidation of old stock.
  • Introduction of new varieties.
  • Better ROI on ad campaigns



How to Create a Mobile App for Magento Store?

EWDC helps you to create a Mobile App for your Magento Store (Available on both Android and iOS platforms).

We can link your existing Magento website to the mobile apps and launch a responsive app.

We convert your website into a live mobile app free of cost within 3 days.

Where you get features like branding, push notifications, payment gateway support, and more.

How long does it take to set up your Magento Store Mobile App?

Ideally, it takes just 3 days to create a Free version of the mobile app.

If you’re satisfied with the mobile app and you wish to purchase.

You can process for a paid version and get your mobile app within a matter of hours. 

So you’re getting a complete mobile commerce app within a few days, that too with a 30% offer. It’s a great deal for e-commerce store owners. 

With EWDC, you can gain the advantages below:

  • You will get your UNIQUE apps. EWDC provides many themes & templates for your business.
  • Integrate & Synchronize easily with Magento.
  • Provide great customization to have all the features.
  • The price to build the Magento app is cheaper.
  • Within 3 days, you will get your own app.
  • Lifetime support & update.

What are the benefits of mobile apps?

In this digital era, mobile helps to reach more customers and make your business successful.

So, if you already have a website, and are thinking of creating an app, it’s a great choice. With a mobile app, you can reach customers at fingertips.

Here are some reasons you must consider while converting your business website into a mobile app.

  • Enhanced Personalization

Mobile apps offer personalization with customized content of your preferences.

A mobile app also analyzes customers’ behavior and customer engagement, makes recommendations, and updates them accordingly.

The apps have the ability to track customers’ locations and provide relevant content based on location.

  • Offline Capabilities

Mobile apps need an internet connection, but customers can get basic information in offline mode too.

Enable the app to access in offline mode, as it helps to establish a long-term relationship with customers.

  • Improved Visibility

A survey says, users spent at least two hours on mobile apps installed on their devices per day.

This customer interaction improves business visibility through mobile apps. A mobile app also helps to influence customers about your brand. 


Regular Connectivity

With a mobile app, you can stay connected with customers 24/7, from any device.

A website can’t offer you this benefit. You can send instant notifications and one-tap access to business contacts.

  • Works Faster

A mobile app works faster than a website and users can store data on mobile devices.

This offers better customer engagement and user experience.

Mobile websites are using JavaScript code to perform its functions and mobile apps perform faster than JavaScript.

  • Better Conversion Stream

Mobile improves your conversion stream by attracting new customers and strengthening your relationship with existing customers.

A mobile app allows customers to know your products and services easily. A beautiful app with a unique design and features improves the user experience to a great extent.


Pro’s of EWDC mobile apps

    • Works Offline – In offline mode, your customers can browse products/service offerings, contact details, and various other features.
    • Push Notifications – The mobile app allows you to reach clients effectively with notifications and alerts.
    • Customizations – Customize themes, templates, and modules of your app with the best features as you wish.
    • In-App Ads – You can monetize your app using advertisements.
    • Social Media Integration – Engage your clients across various platforms with Social Media Integration such as images, services, and product sharing.

EWDC has experience delivering feature-rich, user-friendly, and high-performing mobile apps.

EWDC takes app development to the next level, by providing invaluable assistance and round the clock support.

Sounds interesting? If you have a Magento website and need to convert into an awesome mobile app, EWDC is the best choice.

Bottom Line

Are you searching for a mobile app service provider for your eCommerce store? EWDC’s mobile app framework provides all the features you want for the business.

All your product orders, updates, and other changes on the website will get instantly updated into your mobile app seamlessly.

This mobile commerce app enables you to deliver a strong user experience to customers on Mobile devices. 

May This Diwali Light up New Dreams!




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