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Online Pharmacy For A Digital India: Benefits And Future



Customers nowadays look into a strong online presence on e-commerce platforms. In today’s world, a website is the identity of any company. If a business does not have a strong and adequate online presence on e-commerce platforms, one may miss out on sales!

Many people think that having a physical store as well as a website / mobile app for a company is highly profitable, but online e-commerce platforms such as having websites and mobile applications will increase sales and build more connections with people. As we all can see that people need the best on the internet to buy anything. “This is the reason why people are turning to buying medicines through online pharmacies websites and mobile app.?”

Research says, around 6.2 billion health and healthcare related applications downloads are noted by the end of 2020. About 89% of customers spent time on mobile for buying medicines through applications.

E-commerce websites for a pharmacy business is a source of earning more money. Let’s check out the reason why every pharmacy needs an e-commerce website:   

  • It’s very important for shoppers to be able to shop from any location and from any device as per their convenience. For pharmacy business, online availability and convenient shopping is very helpful to elderly clients.
  • Websites and apps will help you to grow your business. These online platforms will increase sales of your business.
  • Network suppliers made it easier than you think. All the products are uploaded with full information like latest images, descriptions related to the medicines and updates if needed.
  • Every online pharmacy is different. It’s very important to know that the online pharmacy is selling medicine which is legal and approved by the FDA, which is safe.
  • These websites and apps are helpful for the customers to search multiple items for medication and offers as well.
  • It will build good relations with the customer, the suppliers and retailers.  

Advantages of e-commerce pharmacy through website or app

Online websites and apps deliver high quality and accessible results that can help you expand your customer base. An effective pharmacy website development company gives a complete solution for your pharmacy store to manage with the help of any device. Forming a pharmacy mobile app, as per your necessities and conditions is the smart way.

If you’re purchasing in an outlet you can inspect the product quality, but in an online pharmacy it’s complicated. So how can you find the product quality while looking at the mobile screen?

We help you to find what customers search while purchasing medicine online!

  1. Valid Prescription

This is very important to consider when purchasing medicines online. Pharmacies that ask for prescriptions will sell quality and genuine medicines. It’s not advisable to take medicine without prescription. By providing a Valid Prescription, you can be sure about the right drug in right dosage. A prescription is valid if it is approved by a medical practitioner.

2. Online Pharmacy should have license

The Pharmacy should be licensed to sell medicine and deliver in your region. .

3. Pharmacies Need to Answer Your Queries

Look for Online Pharmacies which provide valid answers to their customer questions.

4. Don’t get fooled by too many Offers

The quality of medicine is very important. Don’t sacrifice quality for offers.

5. Trust the Pharmacies with Good Customer Supports

Trusted Pharmacy will give good replacement options.

6. Expiry Date

The Expiry Date of the medicine is very important. A lot of medicines are outdated due to the research on advanced Human Care.


Our Medicine Delivery App Development Solution


Our pharmacy app solution can easily grow your pharmacy business. Let’s know about some key features of the online pharmacy app/website development solution.

  1. Quick login:

Register yourself directly or login via using email id/phone number/social media account to get started.

  2. Uploading prescriptions online:

One can easily click a picture of the prescription and upload it and wait for the pharmacist to review them. 

  3. Payment methods and discounts:

There are various methods with the latest technology for your payment methods, just click and pay!

  4. Managing the profile:

For a better experience under the app, one needs to manage all the details like name, number, address, payment details, etc.

  5. Categories under medicines:

To divide the medicines and rugs under various categories is time saving.

   6. Medicine information:

Keeping the information of the medicines updated with every small detail and then confirms your order. 

    7. Refill your prescriptions:

Use your previous order history or just get your notifications on time to refill your medicine is one of the key features. 

    8. Track your order:

After placing the order, know the recent updates about your order with the help of the website or app. It helps to keep the customers informed about the order status. 

    9.  Schedule your delivery time:

Many businesses have this amazing feature under which one can easily schedule the time in which they can post the time which you want at the time of placing the order like between 3 pm to 4 pm or 9 am to 10 am and so on under which they want their order to be delivered. 

  10.  Help and support:

Use FAQs, tutorials, and even contact us 24/7 option to resolve your issues related to any problem like order related issues, app-related issues, or medicine related issues, etc.


The Future of Online Pharmacy in India

               Online Pharmacy is going to be the next big evolution that will impact billions of lives. Online Pharmacy is one of the technology advancements which are providing easy and affordable access of medicines to the consumer at their doorstep.

Buying medicines online is a different and still early days for Online Pharmacy in India, which means we can see immense growth in upcoming days. 

This will also be used as a communication portal to make information available to pharmacists. There are several benefits to the buyer from online medicine sales. The most important benefit is the ability to buy medicine without having to travel for it.


Technology and Medicine:

Technology and medicine have a very old relationship. The introduction of online pharmacies has proved to be extremely beneficial for the world. Online pharmacy is helpful to both buyers and pharmacists.


The Problem of original Medicine:

In the field of medicines, there is a huge supply of false medicines. Customers cannot be sure about the medicines they are buying.  They search for trusted stores and pharmacies around them that provide genuine medicines.


Online pharmacies provide a trusted and guaranteed place to customers and they can buy medicines without any fear of fake medicines. Every seller has to ensure that their products are highly reliable and authentic before selling it.

History of Purchased Medicine:

Customers often forget the medicine name that they had used before. The purchase history of the same medicine helps them to find it easy. This way they can be sure about the outcome of the medicines, like no allergic reactions, etc.


Online pharmacy records the medical history and past prescriptions. This helps them in understanding the graph of their medical history.

 Unavailability of Prescribed Drugs:

A very common problem faced by the people is the unavailability of the medicine prescribed. Often the pharmacies do not have a medicine that was prescribed. In this situation patients can look for the medicine and online pharmacy helps them in wider aspects.

Uncomfortable To Discuss:

There are some people who are not very open about their condition. They feel uncomfortable discussing their symptoms with the doctor sitting right in front of them. Such people can discuss their condition over the phone or an email and find medicine for their problem.


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