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E-commerce Mobile App vs Website: Better insights 2021


Mobile commerce is leveraging transactions and orders higher in smartphones on a daily basis. With the increase in people’s interest in the mobile shopping experience, it’s time for store owners to launch their own mobile apps in 2021.

Now you will be thinking about how to do this in your budget? As businesses need mobile presence irrespective of their size and field.

You can surely consider building websites for your business, but now more companies have shifted to mobile website apps or mobile native apps for their customers.

What’s better for your business? A Mobile App or a Mobile Website for Android and Ios? The answer is simple, as everything has its own pros and cons it’s up to you to choose the best for your business goal.


What are mobile apps and mobile websites?

Before moving into finding the best choice, it’s important to know what’s the actual difference between mobile apps (native apps) and mobile websites.

First, these two appear to be just the same as you can access on your smartphones. These mobile apps and websites were created for mobile users in general with options of finger tapping and mobile precision view.

However, the website is created opt for desktop and laptop users, that has large screens and it will not be user friendly for mobile users.

A mobile website will also have features like browser-based HTML pages that are accessible over the Internet. Mobile users can just open their browsers and type a webpage’s address that directs them to your website. This allows users to experience websites with a mobile interface.

The term that is used to denote a mobile-friendly website is “responsive design”. Users can download mobile apps and use them for the long term on their mobile phones.

These apps can’t be accessed in mobile browsers, users can download it in the Apple store or Android store.

These apps come with the logo of your brand and it will remind your business to the users each time they view the application list. Mobile apps are well optimized in the mobile interface and anyone can use it very simply.

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Here are the Top 6 reasons why your ecommerce store (Grocery, Fashion, and electronics online store) needs mobile apps. Keep reading to know in detail.


1. Brand Value

The main strategy is to focus on your brand presence, as your brand gets popular then your ecommerce mobile apps will also get to your target audience.

Promoting a website and mobile app is a nice Versa, try to promote your brand to the audience on every platform.

In more simple terms, a good website and mobile app can build your brand itself. If a customer feels convenience using your app then eventually they will make a purchase (visitors turn into your potential customers). The brand value and advanced features also increase when the conversion rate increases.

2. Faster Checkout

Ensure to provide easy payments and checkout options to your customers. People who shop online will be mostly held with work, so they are not ready to spend more time in all these buying processes.

The mobile app helps e-commerce retailers to provide faster checkout to users, the design of your mobile app should be simple and easy.

The mobile app is also helpful for users to add products to their cart and buy later. The payment process is also simple like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

All these solutions can increase the chances of the buying process and ensure sales completion for the e-commerce website owners.

For example, If grocery shop A provides only specified bank transactions and users can’t checkout. Immediately the user will make purchases with you providing multiple easy payment options.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are the ideal choice in the e-commerce industry, as you can keep up with the customers on offers and discounts.

You can also use push notifications on the website, but strategists say that it’s a terrible idea. So e-commerce business owners have turned to using push notifications in mobile apps.

This feature has helped many e-commerce retailers in increasing their revenue.

For example, you can send push notifications for promotions, sales, upcoming events, flash sales, abandoned carts, and the list goes on.

The latest trend in the e-commerce industry is, companies started sending push notifications that direct customers to checkout. This one-step solution is welcomed by users and push notification is helpful for creating conversions.

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4. Better Targeting

The mobile apps allow owners to create campaigns, newsletters, and push notifications to target audiences easily.

The sensational way to promote your mobile app is by providing a 10% discount on every first app order. You can use this method which is helpful in creating loyal customers for your business.

Don’t forget to target the users who made purchases with you in the past and become inactive customers. Try to target past customers using big data analysis and your business intelligence.

Targeting customers is easy with mobile apps based on their location, category they searched, and offer seasonal promotions to their mobile apps.

These targeting ideas have changed the revenue of businesses into double, especially in the e-commerce industry. You can target all kinds of audiences with simple mobile shopping apps.

5. Better Experience

Build your mobile apps with great customization options, this feature helps end-users to shortlist their favorite categories and products.

The better user experience has got innumerable benefits, which is the sole purpose for businesses to increase sales and make users visit your app again.

At EWDC, we develop mobile apps with a better user experience that has helped many e-commerce retailers to grow their business.


6. Offline Support

The mobile apps provide online support for users by allowing them to bookmark or save products in shopping carts in lack of poor internet connectivity.

This channels into better customer insights providing the ease of online shopping. Your customers can save images and share them with friends or family.

This mobile application feature will not only help in conversion rate but also helpful in creating potential customers.


Which should eCommerce businesses choose?

Mobile websites and mobile apps will be similar in the first step, you can choose according to your target customers, budget, and features.

If you’re confused about what to choose, feel free to contact EWDC. We will make the step simple for your e-commerce store. You can plan based on your business goal.

Pro tip: If your aim is to establish a mobile presence in search engines, then a mobile website is your choice. If you want to engage with customers, loyalty, and return rates. Then mobile apps will do the rest for you.

I also recommend you invest in both if you are not within the budget, as the investment in mobile apps and websites is always helpful for businesses to increase conversions.


Bottom Line

The easiest mobile solution for Magento stores

EWDC Magento Mobile App is the easiest mobile commerce solution for Magento stores.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to implement this feature. Our mobile app developers will do the best work for you from A to Z in ecommerce app development.

At EWDC, we have dedicated and certified Magento developers to create your Magento mobile website.

If you need more assistance, call us today. Book your free demo for a real experience with a mobile app.


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