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Why Choose Node.js For Real-Time Application Development ?


Are you a business person focusing on conversion rate? Your business performance will improve conversion rates.


You can try various methods that fit in your budget or focus to develop your entire website.


To increase traffic and increase sales is always a challenging part of every business.


I will share a few important tips here in these articles which helps you to increase your conversion rate and boost up your sales.


We here at EWDC, use the latest web development called Node.JS, which helps us to provide a seamless e-commerce experience.


How Node.JS, shapes your eCommerce experience?


Node.JS is one of the best choices that developers use worldwide.


It allows the application to be very fast and it will cost you half of the usual development techniques.


EWDC can help you to build a robust website, you can get a business model using Node.Js from us.


Here are few popular web applications that use the Node platform including Netflix, Paypal, eBay, Uber, and more.


Yes, you are right, we see it everywhere now!


Many enterprises use a node-based platform very successfully.


It also helps them to boost their productivity rate and increase the e-commerce website performance overall.


Among programmers, 43% claim that they use Node.JS for their enterprise’s website.


Node.JS for Enterprises


Node.js is light and scalable in executing code on cross-platform.


It’s an I/O model very efficient and enabled scalable application.


Applications developed on using the Node’s framework received huge downloads.  


Node thrives to build real-time applications and technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), microservice, and so on.


Node.JS is popular than other technology and it is rapidly growing with high ranks because of these following benefits:


  • It helps to produce real-time apps (e.g. chat apps, gaming apps ) very fast.


  • It facilitates Javascript code for the client and also on the server-side.


  • The overall development process gets done quickly. Developers don’t have to learn additional programs.


  • The Node Package allows developers to use various modules and boost up their productivity.


  • Node runs very fast than systems running in other code languages.


  • Node.JS helps to develop microservices enterprise and incorporate it with their applications more frequently.


At EWDC, we provide you with a rich Node featured platform to run your eCommerce business successfully and boost your conversions double. 


Node for eCommerce conversions


1. Give users a fast loading web page


Make sure to keep your web pages loading at 10x speed, to reduce the time of website loading process.


Node will help your site to load faster and reduce the downtime to 0.01%.


Node will make your online store more fast and very straightforward.


Our simple admin panel will let you manage your store without any effort very easily.


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2.Node.JS helps to build lightweight mobile apps


Most of the business receives a lot of traffic on mobile apps only. You must give them a robust experience and turn your new users into loyal customers.


Node makes mobile applications comfortable to use for its customers.


Our eCommerce platform helps businesses to develop a mobile app within a few clicks and no hidden charges.


EWDC is using the MEAN Stack framework which will make your online store as mobile-ready as PWA’s.


PWAs give a very fast and seamless shopping experience to the customers and make sure to like customers visiting your store repeatedly.
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3. Attract more customers with the new technology


We recommend you to make your e-commerce website into modern node-based technology. To hold your customers with new trends and development.


To attract new customers for your e-commerce website make sure to concentrate more on providing customization and rich feature experience for your customers.


4. Node.JS SEO support


Node’s platform helps with titles, content, and URL customizations with SEO, this helps you to easily navigate the structure of data within your website.


You can rank your website top in search engines and get more traffic by providing better UX design and well-structured SEO strategies. This is just the pro tip to increase your conversion rates.


5. Run your store like a pro


Node’s I/O allows you to get updates without much effort very quickly. The development cost is less when you compare service charges given to unnecessary employees with Node’s high tech architecture. 


You will be active throughout the year without any downtime and handle maintenance easily and give excellent user experience to your buyers.


How is Node the right for your business?


In this competitive world, your customers will demand outstanding features and services from your website. Ensure to meet their demands with your online store.


Every business is targeting to raise revenue with new technologies now. So you should definitely consider building your e-commerce website with Node.Js.


Node.Js affirms to boost your revenue and increase sales in every aspect by providing rapid platforms.


Choose an eCommerce provider (like EWDC) that does magic with Node.JS architecture and create your websites with all the best features.


Bottom Line


EWDC not only provides a Node-based platform but it will help you to create a brand.


Are you looking for a Node-based platform? then it’s your fortune.


EWDC helps your business to achieve your dreams, with a safe and secure website.


Our platform follows the latest technologies and created many successful stores for aspiring entrepreneurs.


So what are you waiting for? With no further delay, BOOK your Free Demo now.



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