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What is the Advantage of having a Magento-based eCommerce Platform?


No business is the same! There are a lot of small businesses that sells online, but it is very rare to see at least five of them have the same exact requirements. So having a flexible ecommerce platform would be the best choice. And this is where Magento gives hand!

Perfect ecommerce software should not only offer customizing the design of your online storefront, but also give the options to configure your online shop and its features in detail for future as the needs and requirements will considerable change over time during business expansion.

Therefore an ecommerce system must be something that is flexible to firms of all sizes, and experts from various industries be using it. Well, Magento, is one such an ecommerce software that happens to be like that.

Magento’s ultimate characteristics lies in its core feature – expandability, flexibility, and scalability!

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This kind of platform offers to be a truly amazing platform with frameworks letting you the freedom to shape it entirely depending on your own unique needs. It is an extremely sophisticated open-source web application that takes a handful of advantages as follows:


It’s huge, it’s growing, it’s talented and of all, it’s fast!


Although it may seem to be complex and over-architectured, it has powerful system to meet every need. It is flexibly built to scale from 1 to Million that helps developers to avoid pitfalls. Maintenance, debugging, code re-using, quick support are great advantages as well as problems which ecommerce solutions provider must be tackling about, while Magento is the one that makes it simple!

Powerful & Spacious:

Magento platform can support 500,000 products on a single site, and can handle more than 80,000 orders in a single hour which means you have a lot of space for future growth of your shopping carts. Because of its size and complexity, Magento also offers special hosting needs to get optimal performance and site load speeds.

Out-of-the-box Features:

Set of features supported by Magento are countless and they handle concepts in a more organized way. Stock Magento comes with simple, configurable, bundled, virtual and digital products.


When you want to add additional features or upgrade your website, Magento has it all readymade in the name of extensions that can fit any kind of situation. 90% of chances that you will find whatever you need in the extensions store and are obviously at cheap rates!

Built-in upsells and cross-sells:

With the use of Magento platform, you have easy options to include prompts to browse specific options on the products and checkout pages, which in turn enhances the user experience and increase your chances of sales. Similar product cross-sells, present relevant accessories, and more are available with intelligent features.

Other Benefits:

In addition to the above advantages the most scalable platform Magento has a sophisticated content management system and third party integrations can be done easily. Also it has filtered search for shoppers that does a clever work.

Magento is not limited to these benefits and is of more popularity among the ecommerce development industry. Get in touch today to try out our ecommerce platforms to build your ecommerce store!

About EWDC’s eCommerce Platform:

EWDC’s readymade ecommerce software are built using Magento that supports 100+ features, 20+ payment gateways and much more customizable options only at very affordable price which not only cater your basic needs, but also works as a powerful tool to help your business flourish with sales!

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