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How to build an eCommerce Store on a Small Budget?

How to build an ecommerce store on a small budget

With more than 1.2 billion digital buyers around the world (2015), online shopping is not a simple thing that one can ignore. By means of this growing number, 7.5% increase in eCommerce websites are sure to jump into the opportunity from entrepreneurial space.

With so many buyers, one question would be popping up into your head: how much does an eCommerce website worth?

It is no secret that there are plenty of options available to build online store and sell items, ranging from basic shopping cart features to the ability to handle huge payments, to those complex detailed stuff solely depends on your particular requirements. So it’s tough to come up with specific numbers because it involves planning, creating and developing eCommerce store!


What are the things required before building your ecommerce store?

  • Domain
  • Secured & scalable Hosting
  • Reliable shopping cart platform
  • 3rd Party Integration fees
  • Copywriting product information
  • Imagery

I don’t have big budget! What’s the most affordable and easiest way to create eCommerce store?

If you are running on a tight budget, you are left with different options to build low-cost ecommerce websites. In many cases, expert recommends going with readymade platforms where you will be delivered with the product with in-built functionalities required to drive sales in your online store.

Choosing the right platform should not only provide you with regular shopping cart functionalities, but also offer you a wide scope of features that gives you the ability to create right shopping experience and customer delight!

One such readymade ecommerce platform is being provided by EWDC! It offers ready-to-go ecommerce websites using readymade software specially tailored to sell products like groceries, electronics, fashion goods, furniture and crackers. EWDC’s prebuilt ecommerce portal gives full control of the products you post on the web store and ease to manage transactions on a daily basis.

What if you get an ecommerce website only for 19,900 INR?

EWDC’s readymade ecommerce platform supports 100+ features, 20+ payment gateway and much more customizable options only at very affordable price starting from just Rs.19900, which not only cater your basic needs on your small budget, but also works as a powerful tool to help your business flourish with sales!


Take your retail experience to the next level with EWDC’s innovative ecommerce platform and recognize a faster return on investment while growing your online selling business on your niche marketplace!




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