Why EWDC’s Multi-store Ecommerce Solution?

Our multi-store ecommerce platform offers a robust and scalable solution for businesses looking to expand their online presence. Manage multi-stores easily from a single admin dashboard & streamline your operations with improved efficiency.

Our solution is fully customizable & allows you to create unique storefronts for each of your brands or product lines. It is specially designed to handle high traffics and large product catalogs to ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers. Choose EWDC for powerful, all-in-one multi-store ecommerce software.

All-in-one multi-store ecommerce software.

Multi-store Ecommerce Platform

Our multi-store ecommerce software helps you build personalized ecommerce websites for brands, B2B, B2C, franchises, affiliates, co-branded stores, and more in an all-in-one interface using centralized administration!

Now operate multiple retail websites simultaneously as well as efficiently and offer content to various stores that may differ by domains, channels, geography, marketplace, microsites, and more.

EWDCs multi-store ecommerce platform allows centralized management of your products, and it simplifies the process of delivering unique content, branding, and pricing to multi-stores without the use of multiple logins. As it helps you handle your product catalogs through a centralized database, any changes made to product details will automatically roll out to all your stores. Drive more sales with greater ease while better serving distinct audiences using our multi-city ecommerce portal.

Our multi-store script works equally for single web store owners intending to expand their footprint as multi-stores in the future.

Offer unique shopping experiences and keep your customers happy & satisfied. Also, keep them coming back with our multi-site ecommerce website development services!

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A Multi-store Ecommerce Solution - Powered by Magento

Magento is one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms preferred by 70% of retail store owners to build their online shop! This multi-store facility is one of the essential features of Magento that allows developing businesses to manage multiple websites on just a single platform under one simple administration panel.

A Multi-store Ecommerce Solution - Powered by Magento

M-Commerce Enabled Multi-store Ecommerce Platform!

Our M-Commerce-enabled multi-store ecommerce platform provides a great shopping experience on mobile devices as well. With our multi-store platform, you can easily manage multiple storefronts from a single dashboard, optimizing your operations and increasing efficiency. Our M-Commerce functionality makes a way for your customers to shop from any device, anywhere, anytime. Our fully customizable multi-store platform gives you the flexibility to create unique storefronts for each of your brands. Get it started today & witness the wonders.

On-demand Android & iOS Mobile Apps for Customers

EWDC offers everything you need to boost your online store sales with desired mobile applications with inbuilt technologies that come in synchronization with multi-store management by a single admin. Get Android & iOS supportive mobile apps to have a superfast checkout process with utmost ease and ultimate security.

Mobile-friendly multi-store ecommerce platform with M-Commerce support.

Get more customers on the go with mobile-ready stores!

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EWDCs multi-store has a user-friendly dashboard that can be utilized by store merchants to have ultimate control over the entire website network. A single admin panel boosts marketing operations by enabling marketers to make changes quickly in catalogs and head up with launching personalized promotional campaigns.
Yes, of course. EWDC's multi-store platform works perfectly in launching a single online store. Only for the retailers who are interested in growing their store presence, we recommend a multi-store ecommerce business strategy. Otherwise, it’s possible to get a single store with all the mentioned features.
Yes, since the multi-store eCommerce platform is built using the Magento framework, you will have all the flexibilities to add new features with ease, and a lot of free and low-cost extensions available in the market.
Yes, possible! If you want your store buyers to make a hassle-free transaction and provide a unique shopping experience, you may opt for an independent shopping cart with a separate checkout process.
Since the multi-site shares a single database, you can save a huge sum of an amount of store maintenance. Whether it is about triggering upgrades or handling transactions of each site, everything shall be managed from a single admin point. Hence you need not have additional maintenance work!

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