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Introducing Grocery Basket – A grocery online shopping website like BigBasket

grocery online shopping website like BigBasket

The grocery business seems to be the next biggest thing in the online retail world. The way the industry gets booming is expected to bring in many new players into the field. In order to cater the needs of growing demands of grocery market, EWDC introduces BigBakset clone named “Grocery Basket” which is an ecommerce online shopping website similar to BigBasket to sell groceries online.

This online shopping website platform (BigBasket Clone Script) will benefit local grocery store and supermarkets by increase the sales of their products online.

Backed by the team of skillful developers, EWDC designs readymade online shopping website platforms which give the resemblances of grocery ecommerce giants including BigBasket, Grofers, Instacart, Peppertap, Local Banya, etc.

Why Grocery Online Shopping has become popular?

The concept of e-shopping has been dominating the retail sector overtime and even the grocery businesses are skyrocketing by being influenced by the ecommerce sector thereby increasing their ability to sell online to the consumers by means of internet.

The grocery ecommerce business in India is growing by leaps and bounds as recent stats shows the Indian food and grocery industry will $383 Billion which is expected to reach $1 Trillion by 2020.

With the growing demand of people towards shopping online, grocery ebusiness is set to rule the upcoming years without any doubt. Being in a grocery retail industry and having an online shopping platform to sell groceries will put you in a win-win situation!

Why Choosing EWDC’s “Grocery Basket” is beneficial?

There are numerous reasons in choosing EWDC for your grocery ecommerce website development. Our ecommerce developers at EWDC are here to assist your with all your web development needs and customization required to personalize your customer’s grocery shopping experience.

Here are some features that simply show you why buying our ‘Grocery basket’ will be a wise move!!

  • Cheap & Affordable
  • Mobile Responsive
  • One-page Checkout
  • Secured script
  • 1 day delivery
  • Free installation
  • 6 months free support

Apart from the above mentioned things, there are different other attributes and 100+ features that can be accommodated on to your grocery shopping website based on BigBasket business model or several other online grocery business model. Checkout our portfolio & testimonials section to know what our clients are saying about us.


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Grocery Mobile Apps:

We also offer mobile commerce applications for online grocery stores that comes in-sync with the eCommerce store. It works together with the website’s back-end and the changes made in the website gets instantaneously reflected to the Grocery Mobile Apps. We have mobile apps for both Android & iOS platforms that can be bought together with our Grocery eCommerce Platform.



We have readymade Grocery eCommerce Platforms for various requirements as follows:

Our objective is always to make you become a dominant player in the grocery eCommerce industry. If you are looking out for a grocery online store within your budget, get in touch with us today!


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  1. Kathleen says:

    What is price

  2. admin says:

    Hi Kathleen, Thanks for your inquiry! The cost of the online grocery store starts from 19,900 INR. You may learn more about the platform or get a free demo at https://www.ecommercewebsitedevelopmentchennai.in/grocery-ecommerce-platform.html


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