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Startup Online Clothing Business – Scratch to Niche Blueprint


No surprise that you have planned to start an online clothing store because it’s a multi-billion-a-year industry.


The online clothing is a popular eCommerce niche and sales will grow 95,000 crores Indian rupees by 2022 India.


The industry has many potential customers and you get a lot of revenue growth by making a successful business.


However, to start a successful online clothing store from Scratch to Niche is not just about buying a domain and doing advertisements.


A successful store depends on the niche, the branding, high quality of clothing products, quality of the site, customer service, and etc.


Just because the fashion industry is a popular niche will not create potential customers instantly.


But nothing is impossible with fashion retail. It is a popular Niche and you have a lot of competitors, so to differentiate your store better will be a serious task.


If you’re a startup to the fashion market or just wishing to add a clothing category in your business portfolio in 2021, then this article is for you!


We can guide you through the steps to start a successful online clothing business. 


Let’s get started!


1. Online Clothing Store Niche


First, you have to choose your niche, then you go looking for the products in any eCommerce online clothing line.


By choosing your niche first, you ensure to choose products and the whole business targeting your consumer spending or potential shoppers.


This will ensure that you are creating your store in a unique way.


You have to be very specific about your niche, to easily identify and market your fashion brand products to the potential shoppers.


This will also help you in increasing customer loyalty, as you are targeting a specific market in limited competition in fashion e commerce.


How to choose your niche? Here are the four tips to make your work easy:



  • Be very unique to stand out from the crowd and sell online
  • Choose a niche which is related to your interests and passion
  • Ensure yourself to add value for your authority
  • Make sure your niche is earning an absolute number in fashion ecommerce


2. Online Clothing Store Products


After choosing a popular niche, choose your online clothing products.


What will you be selling suits, dresses, or bags, and accessories? The clothing market has infinite features, and you will have many options to choose from within your Niche.


You may be tempted to sell everything in online fashion, but we won’t suggest this as a good option if you are just starting fresh.


To start an online store, we advise you to start small businesses and then slowly include everything that interests you by growing your average revenue and customer experience.


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3. Online Clothing Store Business Model


After selecting your niche and the products you wish to add, now you have to select a business model for your online clothing store.


Actually, there are four types of business models to choose from. They are,


  • Print-on-demand
  • Custom cut-and-sew
  • Private label
  • Dropshipping


All you have to do is to choose a business model that fits in your budget and objectives. They have their own pros and cons. So it all depends on your business strategies.



4. Online Clothing Store Business Plan


All set now, you have your niche, products, and business model; moving on to choosing your business plan. As follows,


  • Market to your potential shoppers in segmented markets.
  • Products that make unique
  • Biggest competitors based on your top competitors
  • Business Model strategies
  • Brand/company description to target your brand views


The best ECommerce strategy should answer questions like From where your potential shoppers will come and how your products can create that traffic for compound annual growth rate (cagr).


Your business plan should be based on your pricing and budget, so price the product with these important cost factors,




  • Equipment, web development, hosting, etc.
  • Design and development
  • Production cost per product (including samples)
  • Labor and transportation
  • Materials shopped online



You have to prove based on your potential customers and the competitors and most importantly don’t go out of market prices.


 Create your store mobile phone friendly and allow users to have multiple payment options like credit cards and online banking.


The price per product plays a vital role in increasing your ranking and will help your niche business to grow.


5. Create Your Online Clothing Store


The first thing is to create your domain, so buy this as soon as you get your main idea.


It is always better to buy your domain from experienced eCommerce platforms, one among such is EWDC.


You can choose your platform and theme because your website design and user-friendliness are important for selling your products online.


At EWDC, we will help you to choose the right platform for your business and create your online clothing store in one go.


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6. Launch Your Store and get traffic


The final step is to launch your store and get more traffic to your newly-launched online clothing store.


Pro-tip to gain more traffic- email marketing, PPC, content marketing, social media, guest posts, blogs, influencers, and etc.


To make your new online store successful, SEO and email marketing can help you to gain more customers.


We focus on Google and social ads like Facebook and Instagram to attract more audience and brand awareness in potential customers.


However, traffic campaigns can be complex for you from outside.


But real-time as optimization can help you to gain more traffic and increase your potential customers with your niche online clothing products.


In EWDC, we help our customers to gain traffic for their business with our years of experience in the e-commerce industry. You can increase your sales with our fine-tuned strategies.



Bottom Line


I hope this article will help you to create a successful online clothing store from scratch to niche.


Be simple, Get more sales.


EWDC provides end to end e-commerce solutions. You can start and manage your online store with our tried and tested e-commerce solutions.




For more information on our products or technical assistance, feel free to call us.



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