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12 Beautiful Reasons to Fall In Love With Online E-commerce Boutique


      “The Joy of dressing is an art. Sell it and you‘ll never go out of work.”


Are you planning in your mind to start an online boutique store? Why delay still?


You can build your own online boutique easily with our ready-made EWDC platform

With revenue generated up to $80 billion USD in 2018, it will cross $100 billion USD in the next two years.


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Online boutique industry, being the most popular e-commerce niche, is growing tremendously in time.

Yes, you can definitely congratulate yourself for choosing an amazing business.


All you need to know is that starting an online boutique business is more than buying a domain name and advertising.

Just because fashion and boutique is a popular niche, doesn’t mean you will get popular and make sales instantly. 


To attract competition popularity is the most essential thing.

To top among your competitors you need a reliable e-commerce solution that will support your business aspirations.


So, before you start your own online boutique store, choosing a platform that supports your business and helps you to grow is most important.

Our readymade EWDC ecommerce store will help you from end to end process.


 Especially if you are an entrepreneur new to this field, there are features you must check before selecting your e-commerce platform.


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So focus on your interest, here are the top 12 features that will make your customers fall in love with your own unique online boutique store.


1. Custom workflow – Multi-Store, Multilingual, and a Multi-Domain


Always choose a platform that gives you the freedom to change the workflow according to your own convenience.


It’s not advisable to choose a platform that makes you dependent on every technical assistance you want for your store. 


To win the international and global audience, you need multi domain and multi language features mandatory.


Prefer a platform that offers custom features to create and manage multiple stores in many languages.


As you can also have multiple domains for every language.


For example, If your boutique store domain is www.fashion.com , you can get multiple domains based on multiple language and region, like 


  • www.fashion.co.uk – GBP version of the site (English)
  • www.fashion.ie – EUR version of the site (English)
  •  www.fashion.fr – the French version of the site (French)


EWDC provides features like multi-store, multilingual and multi domain setup that helps you to manage multiple stores in an unexpected global exposure.

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2. Simplified Dashboard – Handling the Complexity of the Business with Ease


Technology is worthless until it is simple for common people. Being simple is important in e-commerce solutions too.


 To handle the fashion business is a complex thing. The last thing you need is a complex dashboard to manage your store. 


Choose an Ecommerce platform that takes care of all your needs in a more simplified way.


To manage your store backend, you need a reliable supporter. Choose a dashboard that gives shortcuts to analyse your analytics hassle free. 


The navigation must be systematic and customizable. A link with social media by providing proper notifications is an advisable option.


With EWDC e-commerce solutions you will get consistent support and also the best possible customizable dashboard for your store.


 3. Logistics and COD – End-to-End hassle Free Services


Logistics and Cash on Delivery services can easily make or break a customer relationship to an extent. 


A smooth and streamlined logistics service is the backbone of any successful online Boutique store.


While selecting an e-commerce solution, you must look if your platform offers easy integration with the shipping partners.


 It is essential to provide tracking notifications and update it to the customers.


If you have a plan to expand your online store globally check for international carriers. 


EWDC provides hassle free third party integration for logistics and COD services.


You can track your fashion products and also keep your customers updated by using the inbuilt automated tools we provide.


4. Themes Customization – The Power to Design your own Store



Choose a Boutique store solution provider that gives an easy user interface, where you can change the banners of discounts and offers very easy. 


You can easily optimise the color and store themes for specific seasons or festivities.


You just have to focus on quality pictures and deals.


EWDC readymade stores have many varieties of themes for your store. 


It allows you to experiment with the look and feel of your fashion hub and makes it more trendy, easy-to-navigate, and reliable.



5. Online Marketing – Integration with marketplaces and social media platforms


Opening an online store is easy, Getting regular sales and new customers is not that easy.


Your store is online, so you need to create your online popularity more prominently. 


Building a brand is the toughest. Social media and other marketplaces will help you to promote your Boutique fashion products.


Choose a platform that provides easy integration of marketplaces and social media sites.


It must be able to give notifications and help in analyzing the customer analytics for your online Boutique. 


EWDC offers services that make marketing manageable on different platforms.

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6. Integration with Tools & Platform 


An online fashion e-commerce store needs many supporting tools like email marketing, shipping, and order management tools. 


They will support the overall flow and enhance the efficiency of the platform by saving time.


If you wish to have an online Boutique e-commerce store, then you must have inbuilt tools like billing, shipping, and filters. 


The best e-commerce platform must support the third party tools you wish to integrate.


These tools not only will boost your business revenue but also it won’t affect your budget.


7. Simple is Trendy 


An e-commerce platform is a base for your online Boutique business.


It is important that all the features and functionalities must be easy to handle.


Make sure your backend is user friendly and easy to maintain.


Always avoid platforms that give complicated procedures and complex coding. 


Don’t fall for them even if they convince you with add on features.


Settle for something that you will enjoy to work together. 


The best e-commerce platform will be simple, gives space to run promotions, change content, upload products and customize the platform hassle free.


8. Flawless Checkouts and Payment Gateways 



The most important key in the transaction process is to be simple and secure.


The best e-commerce platform for any Boutique store will give an easy checkout process first. 


Also when you choose the platform, make sure it supports the payment gateway associated with your business. 


You can also check features like subscription billing that allows the credit and debit card.

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9. Because Security is Priority 


A secure payment process is mandatory again and you cannot skip this feature.


If you have an online Boutique , you must know the fact that it must have 128 bit SSL and a level 1, PCI compliant. 


It will give a smooth experience to the visitors for easy purchase.


Our EWDC e-commerce platform integrates with the leading payment processes for better financial management and security. 



10. Good Looks, Sell More 


When it comes to fashion, customers will get attracted to stores by looks predominantly.


You will never buy a very costly dress from a cheap looking store. 


Design your online store theme according to the festive mood and occasion.


This attracts customers and also keeps your store updated with latest trends.


EWDC readymade e-commerce platform gives you a good site design theme with the flexibility to customize your store and increase your sales.


11. Discounts and Coupons 

In most of the countries, the general public will eagerly wait for seasonal discounts and offers.

In such scenarios, your store should offer discounts and sale coupons.


 Our service includes a strong discount engine that reduces your effort.

You also get easy options to run flash sales, limited period offers and coupons to make your store look attractive and trendy.



12. Mobile Ready Platform 


Allow your clients to buy clothes using a mobile phone, this is empowering as well as necessary for this technology world.

In order to offer a smooth user experience, you should have a mobile responsive platform. 


Mobile shopping cart and support mobile payment is also essential.


In this mobile driven world, Keep these major points in mind and choose the right e-commerce platform for your business. 


Our EWDC e-commerce platforms give an insight on the browsing habits of your customers, most visited products, cart abandonment, etc. apart from general purchase histories.


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Top online clothing store in India :


Jabong – Fashion for women, men and kids.


Myntra – Online store for all kinds of fashion clothes


majorbrands.in – The online fashion store for international brands in India


lifestylestores -Provides men’s branded clothes online 


shoppersstop – There are some exclusive brands for clothes and fashion.


houseofindya:  This is a shopping site for designer clothing and branded clothes.


Online clothing store only for kids in India:


firstcry: kids clothes, dresses for girls, boys


pinkblueindia: kids designer clothes, dresses for girls, boys


carters: baby clothing, baby necessities at this site.



There are several e-commerce platforms and services in the market.

You just have to figure out which one is best for your online Boutique business.


 Look for platforms that provide a proper balance between their prices and features.

Also overall expenses like hosting fee, transaction fee, etc




EWDC e-commerce platform is a well-known market leader that offers a quality solution for your online Boutique business. 

If you wish to start your own clothing store in no time, this platform is a great solution for all your business needs.


 EWDC believes in empowering its clients to manage their store independently with basic technical knowledge and a complete set of e-commerce related services.


You deserve the best e-commerce platform to flaunt those fabulous designs and fabrics!


So if you wish to launch your online Boutique in no time and search for help?

 contact EWDC or drop your queries at email.


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