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Benefits of Using Multi-Channel Notifications On Your eCommerce Website

Benefits of Having Multi-Channel Notifications On Your Online Store

We all know that effective communication is essential since the beginning of time. A business that drives effectively always has the edge over its competitors. Running a successful eCommerce store means spending a right amount of time and effort in engaging your clients by multiple eCommerce communication channels. To build your brand stand out from the others, it is crucial that your marketing strategy is focused on keeping your existing and new customers informed and engaged about the recent updates of your online business.

The use of multi-channel notification in an online store has become the most demand. It gives a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for consumers. Moreover, it decreases the cost of customer service for an eCommerce store. Reports suggest that multi-channel notification tools like SMS, Push notifications, Emails, and web notifications when utilized in the proper combination have a potential to increase customer reach and engagement over 50% to 88%.

Benefits of Having Multi-Channels Notifications on Your Online Store

Let us see some significant benefits of having multi-channel notifications for an eCommerce store.

Provides Excellent Customer Experience

A good customer experience makes deep trust and loyalty. It can attract a customer to step into your online store. It also improves the customer return rate. The consumer buys and then come back for more fully based on the Customer Experience. It has become an essential factor in Customer Acquisition.

Keep Consumers Informed

Keeping consumers informed is crucial to lowering the rate of client complaints. The consumers usually have some complaints if you send out notifications at different stages of receiving, processing, shipping, tracking and delivering an order, and retain them correctly informed.

Likewise, if there are any delays or obstacles, it is sufficient to send out emails defining that there has been some delay and you are taking proper measures to reduce the delay. Keeping your clients informed and engaged by multi-channel notifications can also assist you in receiving feedback and suggestions for promoting your products and services.

Reduce Human Effort

You can significantly reduce the human effort required in following up with consumers when you allow multi-channel notifications on your eCommerce website.

Apart from setting global notifications for order received, shipped and delivered; you can set up custom notifications that grow customer engagement without human intervention. Some examples of this type of custom notification can be, notification for order refill, one-time coupon code, order feedback, etc.

Convert Impulses

A majority of online purchases are a result of impulse buying. Regularly, the clients flip through different online shopping websites in their free time. And when they come over a product of their choice, they go for impulsive buying. You can track consumer behavior and send out special deals and discounts utilizing mobile push notifications. Additionally, mobile notifications have an edge as they have double the clickthrough rate when related to email notifications.

Despite, if the consumer drops the order process incomplete, you can set up an abandoned cart follow up email which stays in their mailbox and tells them to come back an order later.

Boost Sales

The ultimate purpose of having multi-channel notifications allowed on your website is to engage consumers in a way that they can be urged to purchase more from your online store. Having automated notifications assist you to achieve this by targeted clients through different channels.

To best achieve this you should utilize multiple notifications including SMS, email, mobile notifications, and desktop push notifications. You can separate your clients based on product type, order volume, geography, etc.

Effortless Marketing

Your marketing efforts can bind an extra punch when the consumer is targeted using all the means of notifications. Visualize a scenario where you depend on your marketing only through newsletters. Now compare it to a scenario where you are sending newsletters through email, one-time discount codes by SMS and product based discounts and offer notification utilizing mobile and web-based eCommerce push notifications.


The world of eCommerce is getting more competitive. The multi-channel notifications make communications with customers more comfortable and faster. Like a mobile phone, eCommerce SMS notification has become part of daily life of a regular online customer. This makes integrating the multi-channel notifications on your eCommerce website all more important.

EWDC’s eCommerce platform provides all the essential notifications in its package. Besides, it benefits online sellers to do easy marketing with higher ROI.

For more detail about building your eCommerce store with multi-channel notifications, visit EWDC. Besides, you can live chat with our technical experts to know the details of EWDC’s eCommerce platform.

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