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5 PWA Masterful approaches to uplift your Ecommerce Conversions!

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Have you heard of Progressive web apps for ecommerce? If not then, you are missing out the best user friendly website for your ecommerce store.


Don’t worry, it’s never too late. Let’s make it right now!.


Creating a desktop website will take your business into the next level of the e-commerce world. But it involves research and hard work to accomplish.


All you have to do is to find an all rounder ecommerce platform and make sure to give the best user experience to your customers. 

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A Seamless User Experience is what makes a business successful


Needs, Wants and Choices are completely based on people’s lifestyles. Whatever a person needs, they can simply get it with just a few taps on their mobile phones.


 Almost everyone can relate to this in 2020. ‘Ease’ and ‘Convenience’ were the major drivers to provide an excellent user experience to your buyers


Shift from desktop to mobile                                 


Mobile internet has grown 504% in daily media consumption since 2011. In July 2009 there were only 65,000 apps available on the App Store.

This number is increased to 3.262 billion in 2019. 

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What is PWA and why should I start using it?


The evolving lifestyle of people has made the mobile platform a very popular and widely used device among this generation.

And the reason for sudden booming mobile users is just because of mobile apps.


 Mobile apps are so mainstream these days those brands promote their mobile apps widely over their respective desktop web apps (e.g. Ola, Zomato, Uber, and Amazon).


Who knew mobile apps would become a huge channel for businesses to focus on?


From small functionalities like mobile ringtones and mobile wallets, to the Technology we are using now is the huge transformation.


Several companies like Amazon, Zomato, Flipkart, etc. were promoting their mobile apps for a long time.


Amazon created mobile apps for their ‘Prime’ customers that provide video streaming services which have many patrons. 

But technology is evolving still, say hello to Progressive Web Applications.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a mobile application dispensed via the internet. It provides UX like the regular native mobile app but it can be accessible via a browser.


They are similar to native mobile apps but actually they have differences in some fundamentals. We will discuss the differences here. 


PWAs vs. Native Mobile Apps


What is better PWA or native apps?


The utility of native apps after the inception of PWAs is always a debatable question still. Questions like “Will PWAs make native apps obsolete?” could be seen several times over the period.


We don’t have a definite answer but PWA is definitely the future of mobile commerce and here is why?



Some key benefits of PWA that is eye catching



  •  PWAs are based on mobile-first architecture, they are always mobile-ready and can run on any device just perfectly.


  • Progressive web apps consolidate the experience of a native app with added connectivity to the internet. It can run efficiently as both a website and a native app.
  • They cost less time and money to be developed and we can save a lot more on maintenance.
  •  It functions offline too, so that your shopper can continue browsing even without an internet connection.
  • A progressive web app has the ability to load at least 2-3 times faster compared to mobile-responsive sites (m.dot). 
  • With faster loading time, progressive web applications reduce server load as it can load quickly. Your online store won’t face crashing during heavy traffic.
  • Progressive web apps are lightweight and require only 15-20% of the storage space which is just the average native app storage.


EWDC uses the right tools


Our ecommerce platform, EWDC is armed with the latest MEAN Stack technology which can easily provide your business with a mobile-ready platform.

It won’t need a native app and you can manage your online store hassle-free. 


Gain more than your competitors by providing a simplistic UI and unparalleled UX to all your customers.


PWAs with EWDC


EWDC keeps improving always with the latest technological advancements and you just can’t ignore what our mobile-ready platform offers.


Your online stores built on the EWDC platform are powered by the PWA architecture. 


It will make your web application to be faster, engaging and provides an uninterrupted shopping experience across all mobile devices.

Progressive web applications enable your website ready to use even on poor internet connections.


EWDC has been using web apps technology to build ecommerce stores. All stores built on EWDC are PWA and offer all the above listed advantages to retailers.


Explore the difference now to earn never like before. 

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5 Reasons why give EWDC platform a chance


  1. No installation required, Save up the device’s storage space


PWAs are fundamentally websites, and they can run on browsers only. It completely relies on a ‘plug n play’ sort of principle, which avoids the process of installing an app.


All you have to do is click the link and use it just like a normal website without any effort. You could access the pages quickly, navigate to different segments of the app and even do the checkout carts seamlessly.


Generally speaking, this won’t consume more storage. This will help you to save a lot of storage space (up to 25%) in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Storage space in mobile devices is always running out of limit these days and so PWA is truly beneficial over native apps.


  1. Maintain them with extreme ease


Native apps are helpful and handy but to maintain the same is costly at times. Platform-specific applications, it can be either Android or Apple; this will completely wash out your pocket.


You have to hire a developer or retainer to monitor continuously, do regular bug fixes, and important updates. 

With our web apps based on PWA architecture, you can save money and effort on development and maintenance. They don’t need different versions for different platforms and devices.


  1. Improve your SEO with minimum effort


With our implementation of PWA, your website’s SEO ranking will improve because they are WebPages and are indexed better.


The reason is  Google Analytics, SEO; Google Ads will not work with native applications. It’s the major reason to answer, “Why Google is encouraging the use of PWAs”.


This enables you to use marketing tools from Google’s Marketing Platform. Google is even planning to list PWAs to the Google Play Store very soon.


  1. Give your customers an app-like experience, even if they’re not online


Imagine this scenario, “you are riding in your cab and you get to a place with poor or no network coverage, or you accidentally lost internet connection.

With PWA, you can still browse and finish your action (e.g. Trivago, Flipkart).


New content can be cached using Service Workers, and local/offline changes synchronized to a local server. Once you start providing the necessary access, they will send you ‘Push’ notifications in the meantime. 


This is said to be the most attractive feature to provide your customer, if connections drops or poor network is an issue in their locale. This feature will be in handy.

 PWA 5


  1. A Complete Technology making mobile commerce effortless


PWA is the latest technology trend that bridges the gap between mobile web and native apps.


Google is supporting seamlessly, it has matured over the time and makes it very easy to work on and we are able to achieve the desired objectives of mobile ecommerce.


With the help of APIs, these apps can send you ‘push’ notifications to keep the engagement active and will give a seamless checkout in one flow. 


PWAs are not just fast and efficient technology; it can also encourage your marketing efforts.


 More than 60% of internet users search on mobile phones that will make your website accessible at fingertips and potentially increases your conversions by 68%. 





Our complete mobile-ready e-commerce platform, EWDC is the right solution if you want to provide your customers with the same.


With our PWA architecture, you can take your business to the same heights as these competitors.


Reward your customer’s loyalty with convenience and satisfy your customer’s expectations with PWA.


 Be among the business owners who invest in their consumer’s happiness in this huge competitive market. It can be the reason to go heights with your business effortlessly.


Google gifted this technology; kindly for your assurance its future is bright. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!


Check out our Demo now and visualise the power of PWA yourself!


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