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Food E-commerce guide 2020 – How to sell food online groundbreaking!


The food industry deals with perishable goods that must be sold quickly to preserve the high quality.

In Spite of the complex logistic processes and demands of consumers, the food e-commerce platform by EWDC can help companies to do so easily.


The status of E-commerce for food companies


In short time to market with quick flow of products within the company is because it is perishable goods and has short shelf life.


An unhappy customer isn’t a repeat customer, so businesses have to focus more on product quality. And the food supply chain requires complex internal logistics.


This is the current reality. However, digital solutions result in the growth of food industry e-commerce.


food ecommerce6

Reality of food industry


According to 2019 data¸ online sales will make up 15-20% of the food industry’s overall sales by 2025: 10x more than it did in 2016 across the globe.


The rise of e-commerce in the food and beverage industry


For starters, excellent time and information management are essential to reduce waste and improve the quality of delivered food.


Buyers need to know when products will be available to order and when they will be delivered.


Build an online store for Food loved by your customers


food ecommerce2

The Online Food Store You Always Wanted


  •         Get FREE professional Themes for Multiple Devices
  •         Create your unique store with Drag and Drop Design tools
  •         Customize your design to suit your business


Create a Profitable Food And Beverage Business


  •         360-degree Product View(zoom, videos etc.) for good visibility
  •         Faceted Search and Multi-Tier categories for faster conversions
  •         Set multi-level discounts and promotions


Get More Food Orders With Mobile Commerce


  •         PWA online stores like apps on devices
  •         Create Android and iOS Apps in single code
  •         Create an online store with high speed


Built For A Fast Growing Food and Drinks Business


  •         Give your business an Ecommerce platform for growth
  •         Ready for high-volume B2B+ B2C food businesses
  •         User-friendly Multi-Store, Multi-Vendor and other unique e-commerce solutions


Take Your Foods Business To Global Markets


  •         Take your business to global buyers with a Multilingual food store
  •         Offer Multi-Currency payments for smoother checkout.
  •         Streamline orders and deliveries with multiple Payment and Logistics Partners


Start the Next Big Food Online Store!


Online food order and delivery platforms are helpful for people across the world by making huge profits.


Their explosive growth has made entrepreneurs invest in Food ecommerce.


While Swiggy, UberEats, Foodpanda, and Zomato, are the top players, local food ordering and delivery startups are also making more profit in different countries.


Learn how to make a profitable online food order and delivery website that works and make money.


food ecommerce3

Business & revenue generation model of food ordering platforms                                


Online food ordering platforms like Uber eats and Swiggy follow a simple business model.


They act as a common platform between customers and restaurants.


Users search for restaurants, place the order and pay for it online or opt for COD (cash on delivery).


The delivery part is also handled by the restaurant owner at most of the times.


Online Food Ordering systems usually partners with local restaurants that offer home delivery.


For every order placed through the website, the restaurant gets reasonable commission.


Restaurants also get featured on the website homepage just for publicity.


Popular online food ordering & delivery brands


FoodPanda is not the only online food ordering & delivery platform.

There are many others who take food delivery orders.


Some of the most popular online food delivery brands are given below:


Let’s learn how you can launch the most popular food ordering startups and earn like never before.


Launch & run a successful online food delivery business


Just buying a Swiggy or GrubHub clone will not establish you successful in the food ordering and delivery system.


You need to take care of various technical and marketing aspects to make your website stand up along your competitors.


food ecommerce4

Keep the following points in mind while creating and marketing your food ordering portal:


Invest in a Custom built website


Focus on building a unique identity or you will end up lacking in originality.


Give your food venture the features of custom design and programming. It is very important to start off with a feature rich, secure website so that your customer will trust you.


Go for Mobile App Development


To capture today’s smartphone users, invest in mobile application development for your online delivery business.


The mobile app is a significant solution to engage the customers. Mobile application also helps you to utilize native mobile features to add user experience.


It is necessary to focus on customer experience in the smartphone driven market.


 food ecommerce5

Search engine optimized and App store optimized (ASO)


Information architecture and database management system for a website should be easy to read by search engines (like Google and Yahoo) and application stores (like Play Store and App Store).


They will act as a free source for constant traffic to your website and Create a database to start off mobile app.


Expecting such features in default of a food delivery system will not be wise.


Only an expert team of designers, programmers, app developers. an experienced SEO and ASO team can develop such a solution.


You will need to create a complete database of restaurants in your specified location with contact details, menu, areas of delivery, etc.


Having an expert sales team will help you partner with local restaurants who give commissions and wish to do business through your website.


Make sure your website is capable of managing a huge database.


Target a smaller area and then expand


It is always better to start your business with a focus on a limited area. This will help you:


  •         Focus all your energy on a particular market
  •         Build a stable brand name.
  •         Figure out issues and conveniently search for solutions.
  •         Check the project cost



Customize according to local demands


The success of an online food ordering system like Uber Eats and Swiggy depends on how well you engage with locals.

Following points will come handy:


Unique website design and SEO optimized platform.


Build your business practices as per the local environment and according to different types of customers.


What works in offline and online marketing in day to day operations in one city will be different in another city.


Database management and categorization also varies like local cuisine preferences.


Payment options provided on your website should be easy for the general public in your city.


Choice between paying through credit cards, cash on delivery, eWallet, etc varies from city to city.


The restaurants in your target area may not have an efficient internet connectivity, proper food preparation and delivery standards, etc.


In this case all you need is an efficient sales team that offers good service standards.


food ecommerce1

Think of alternate sources of revenue


  •         Some online food ordering systems allow  hotel reservations options and also earn a commission.
  •         Some have a different revenue model and charge fixed monthly revenue for a restaurant to list in their business on the food ordering platform.
  •         Some allow 3rd party advertising on their website.
  •         Gift cards to invite new paying customers and increase the sales.


Add helpful and innovative features


Develop advanced content filters that allow search based on timing of food delivery should be added.


What if a user wishes to see only the restaurants which allow midnight delivery.


This is something very practical, so be prepared with many sort list filters.


food ecommerce8

Click to Enlarge (Open in new tab)


Following features are must haves:


  •         Powerful and flexible CMS
  •         Review and rating system
  •         Advanced search option
  •         User-friendly checkout process
  •         Sales report
  •         Revenue statistics
  •         SMS gateway
  •         Live chat integration


Make the order placement procedure simpler


People prefer to order online because it is convenient. So, make sure that the order placement process is very quick and easy.


This is possible only if your site has been created with a user -friendly option. A Swiggy, UberEats or GrubHub clone will not have optimized user experience.


food ecommerce7


An experienced UX optimization professional can help you improve site engagement.


Saving past orders, delivery addresses, partial payment details, and other relevant information in the dashboard is an efficient way to make the online order process very quickly.


Introduction of eWallets for quicker payments is another easy option


Wrapping up:


As development partners of established online brands, we would recommend you to launch your online food ordering website/app with a standard platform.


To make your own marketplace like FoodPanda, UberEats, Swiggy, you need a sustainable business model, website/application with unique responsive design and custom features, and sharp marketing strategy.


Join hands with our web services firm EWDC, we will help you with design, development as well as online marketing.




This will guarantee you an online food ordering platform that will be superior to your competitors.


Discuss your website requirements with our team to get a website that will be far superior to FoodPanda and GrubHub.


So, What are you waiting for? Contact EWDC, for all your product related queries!




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