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(Top 5 Secret Product Ideas) to Open Online Grocery Store?


In the past few years, eCommerce startups started blooming in every region, now we have an end number of online business ideas in the e-commerce industry.


Entrepreneurs explored every possible opportunity to catch up with the audience into their business.


One of those powerful e-commerce online businesses to do is starting your own Online Grocery store.


In recent years, we could see huge success in online grocery startups.


It is still evolving and growing rapidly, especially in the times of COVID 19 quarantine. People prefer shopping for groceries online now more than a couple of years ago.


Popular big names in the market such as Instacart, FreshDirect, Bigbasket, PepperTap, and the list goes on.


In addition to this most successful e-commerce industry like (Amazon pantry, Jio mart, and Flipkart) has now ventured into the online grocery shopping industry.


Note: Many small to medium-size online grocery shopping sites are also doing well now and making huge profits, as people prefer to buy groceries in the most reliable and known brands.


So your idea to start an online grocery store is appreciative.


A survey published that online grocery business covers just (3-5% which depends on the region) whereas other popular online business ideas like, (online travel receives 50% and online gadget store 35%)


In 2021, the Online grocery business has grown at 3X speed and it’s still increasing each day with new startups.


So if you are a budding entrepreneur, you can create your own store now as you have endless new opportunities.


This article will help you to understand some key content related to the Online Grocery business such as its challenges, ideas to start, future, and scope.


It will help you to launch a successful online store among all your competitors.


Let’s first discuss the product-related ideas you should consider before starting an online grocery business.


Top challenging tips to start an online grocery business:


Website and mobile app development


The first and foremost thing to consider in starting a grocery eCommerce store is to plan and spend your quality time in launching a website or mobile app.


You can plan according to your needs and goals, only you will know the expectations of your company and audience. All you need to do for it is, reached out to the best Magento web developers.


The experienced agency will cut down your entire burden and they will help you to create a successful mobile app or website.


The best app development agency should be able to provide solutions for all your product queries.


One of such is EWDC, our developers can help you create a unique and customer loved online grocery store.




As a grocery retailer, your major task is managing inventory.


Every retailer deals with this problem but majorly you are dealing with perishable goods.


The inventory cost management definitely needs all your efforts to increase your sales and reduce minimum wastage.


To obtain a decent turnover and additional profit, you should reduce the risk of spoilage in the grocery business.


Cost of Packing & Delivery


Again to make this point more effective, as a perishable goods retailer you must ensure to provide the fastest delivery options.


The cost of refrigerating, packaging, and delivery will be a top concern in your industry.


To ensure that you should give minimum delivery costs for customers and for this you will need an effective supply chain management. This all requires your extra effort and time-consuming.


We at EWDC provide services for managing your online store in one go without much difficulty. Now you can manage your store hassle-free.


Timely Delivery


Your delivery system must be very quick like food order apps. The customers will prefer to order groceries from their region store more often just to get a quality product.


Ensure to give your customers convenience and quick delivery.


Online grocery shoppers will be generally dual-income households, so it is also the reason for low market penetration in the online grocery business.


The hyper-local delivery system will help to attract customers by providing fresh and good quality grocery products.


The hyper-local delivery network helps to make business effectively in all the target markets.


No Returns


There is a high chance of returns in perishable products. Whereas other eCommerce industries can deal with this very easily, but it’s a challenge for our Grocery store without facing loss.


So you should have an online ordering and delivery system with the latest technology.


EWDC helps grocers with easy delivery tracking options for its customers and helps the eCommerce industry to manage every order at the right time.


The most popular grocery apps with product ideas in India.

1. Bigbasket


A leading online grocery shop in India. It has various categories of products. A customer can place an order and get the doorstep timely delivery.


2. Grofers


This delivery service connects customers with their local merchants in the neighborhood. It offers a wide range of groceries, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

It provides smooth transactions between local merchants and consumers.


3. Jio mart


JioMart is a wide network of Reliance Retail’s grocery stores and it is an established supply chain and India’s largest hyperlocal retail solution.


JioMart claims that it delivers more than other e-grocer. In comparison, Bigbasket’s BBDaily is delivering around 300K orders in one day.


The major competitors like Grofers and Amazon Pantry deliver around 100K orders per day.


4. The Prime Pantry


This app has loads of grocery products. You can easily compare the prices of the products from your favorite brand.


Amazon Prime members could buy groceries and household products very easily in this store.


5. Flipkart


Walmart-owned Flipkart and launches voice assistants to assist people while shopping 


in their grocery store. Flipkart’s grocery platform Supermart,” helps people in placing orders and product navigation in Hindi and English. 


EWDC helps to create your own online website like the popular sites mentioned above in the article.


Start your online shopping cart with multiple sellers, brands, categories in any currency. 


From our Flipkart clone, you can sell products to any customer around the world.


You can have an unlimited amount of vendors, products, categories, and attributes for every product.


“eCommerce Website and Mobile Apps Combo Offer Package, Kick-start your Online Sales with EWDC’s Best Selling eCommerce Platforms”


The future of online grocery store


Today, customers are choosing convenience over price, so if you deliver the quality service your eCommerce will surely take you to huge success.


If you are an online grocery startup, EWDC has developed a technology solution with a readymade online grocery store that is very affordable.


The main thing every eCommerce business should consider is to build your brand with experienced developers and solution providers.


EWDC can assure your growth and target the right customers for your business with the readymade grocery app.


Bottom Line


I hope this article helps you to start your online grocery store hassle-free and this sector has a very bright future even though it deals with perishable goods.


Are you looking to build a BigBasket like eCommerce website for your grocery store? EWDC is the best choice! 


With EWDC, you can manage unlimited products, sales, delivery with grocery specific features dedicated to selling vegetables, fruits, personal care, kitchen, and home needs.


You can add multiple locations, and it is flexible for every eCommerce industry.


Try to analyze the facts and insights we have provided in this article, for establishing a successful online grocery store, contact EWDC today. 
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