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E-Commerce SEO 2021– Why a Grocery Store needs SEO for 2x growth?


In the 21st century, online shopping gives seamless experience to the customers.

In fact, most of the giant shopping chains have shifted to online.


Online shopping is quite convenient for its users, this means online grocery stores are nothing new and it helped maximum to the people in times Covid 19.


There are giants such as Amazon, but still small and medium scale businesses are making huge profits with online stores.

44% of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search (source: nChannel)

Well, with the help of Digital Marketing Services, everything is possible!


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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

37.5% of all traffic to ecommerce sites comes from search engines (source: SEMrush).

SEO stands for search engine optimization.


While more businesses are turning to online channels to boost their business, SEO is the key factor. SEO helps companies to increase organic traffic on their website.


SEO ensures organic traffic and is done with the help of organic search results.


SEO can help businesses to attract quality visitors. Which means you will get actually interested people to your website.


In a grocery store with the help of SEO, you can ensure that your website will show up to the people who are looking for your services.


How does SEO work?


SEO works to improve your website from the ground -up.


For SEO, every single element of your website is essential right from the website design to web page features such as videos and images.


The ultimate goal of SEO is to create an attractive website and it also involves creating a website that answers the needs of your website visitors.


Are you confused about SEO? But it is made easier with the help of EWDC.


SEO helps you to build a website that will increase your brand recognition and credibility.


SEO may add additional information to your website, with relevant keywords to drive traffic to your grocery store website.


SEO and Your Grocery Store:

23.6% of eCommerce orders are directly tied to organic traffic (source: Business Insider).

When a person is searching for services, they will generally use some common keywords such as “best grocery store” or “grocery store near me.”


If they enter these keywords into the search engine, they will be directed to the SERP, where they get a lot of results.


Now, the top search result will get the most traffic.


A grocery store needs to ensure that their website ranks highly on the SERP, which is possible with the help of SEO.


You can achieve it quickly with the help of SEO.


This is why most businesses choose SEO as it helps ensure that their brand reaches their target audiences.



How can grocery stores benefit from SEO services?


Grocery Store SEO is most essential when you are a local store.


Research says that, when people are looking for new service, or want information on something, 93% of the people turn to Search Engine.


There are several benefits that SEO offers for a Grocery store; here are a few as follows:


  1. More manageable Website


SEO for Grocery Stores optimize the website to get a higher rank on the SERP and also provides users with a better experience.


Google ranks your website based on the click-through rate and time that a visitor spends on your page.


Moreover, users may click away from your page for reasons, such as your web page is slow to load, or difficult to navigate.


Here SEO involves creating relevant content, easy to navigate web pages with attractive web designs and fast loading options.


2. Target Quality Traffic

SEO has 20 X more traffic opportunities than PPC on both mobile and desktop. (source: Jumpshot/Moz)

The online grocery store marketing strategy involves using SEO to get quality traffic to the website.


A Search Engine helps you to target only those who may be interested in your service.


3. Substantial Brand presence


To a visitor, the first two or three search results will be most relevant to their search terms, and will actually help to solve their issues.


So even if the SERP has ten results, those websites will be overlooked at times.


When you are on top of the SERP rankings, people will trust in your brand, and you will be able to grow your traffic.


A proper Website Development can ensure a high ranking for your website on the SERP.


When a user identifies your website on the first page of the SERP often, it can drive up your brand credibility and also builds your brand recognition.


4. Build Your Credibility

75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines. (source: Backlinko)

People will always go back to a website that has proved to be credible.


To get a higher SERP ranking, websites will use keywords and terms which may not be relevant to their site.


SEO helps in creating a website that will genuinely serve the user’s needs.


For your grocery store, you can provide relevant information to users through blogs and online brochures.


And easily navigate visitors to quickly find what they are looking for in your website.


By increasing visitors you can automatically increase SERP rankings.


5. Local SEO

18% of local searches result in a purchase within 24 hours. (source: Backlinko)

One of the most important aspects of grocery stores is to create awareness about your brand to local neighborhoods.


When looking for groceries, people generally opt for a local store and they use local search terms to find the services.


Local SEO helps your store be discovered by people in your area.


You can do this by uploading your business on local directories and also uploading your business on Google Listings.


SEO ensures great access to your business quickly.


What are the different strategies for Grocery Store SEO?


Grocery store marketing is about helping your business establish online.


You can follow these strategies to help your customer’s and build your reputation.


  1. Social Media and SEO


SEO used for social media is named as Social Media Optimization.


Social Media Marketing is essential for all types of businesses.


In social Media, you can find potential customers of all ages, and interests.


If you offer a new sale or a new product and want more customers to come in, you can directly advertise it to the people.


Social Media is essential for grocery stores; it is the best way to ensure that your business reaches wide customers.


Social media is a great place to advertise your business and also connect with your audiences.


2. Content Creation


Content is the cake of SEO, that provides relevant information and search terms related to your services.


While creating content, target the potential customers.


Your content should inform more about your services and help them learn more about your services by answering all of their queries.


You can use blogs on your grocery website and help customers.


In content writing, you have to be creative and provide relevant information to the customers more than search engines.


3. Email Marketing


In recent studies, email marketing is found to provide higher returns on investments than other types of marketing.


You can collect your customer’s email id from a newsletter, or get it when they visit your store.


After collecting your customer’s email id, create a catchy email template for your business and keep sending.


Email marketing can target new audiences and also the customers who visited your store.


You can offer discounts, vouchers, and ensure people visit again and again.


4. Mobile and Mobile App Marketing


People use their mobiles more often than their laptop.


It is essential that your grocery stores are optimized for websites and mobile phones.


An app makes it easier for users to access information in a hurry.


5. Voice Search Optimization


SEO can help your grocery store to ensure that your website and app are optimized for Voice Search.


Google search engine searches will be conducted mostly with the help of voice search in the upcoming years.


So make sure that your website and store are optimized for voice search.


When it comes to voice search, the keywords which are traditionally used can be different and ensure that your website has both types of keywords.


How to start your SEO strategy?


In EWDC we follow these steps to improve your SEO and we will aid you every step of the way, we suggest you to know this standard SEO strategy:


  1. Extensive Keyword Research

The typical user performs searches that are about 3 words long. (source: Moz)

It is essential to understand what your potential customers are searching for and how often they may be searching for it.


Keyword research is done by our SEO Agency, and helps you find the right keywords to use for your business.


More general keywords will have high search volumes, but may also have high caption as their cost per click will be high.


EWDC will help you find the keywords that have a high volume of searches but low competition and then incorporate those into your website.


2. Informative and Beneficial Content

61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing organic presence is a top inbound marketing priority. (source: HubSpot)

Content is gold when it comes to SEO, your content should be appealing to users, engages, and informs them.


If you have a lot of content on your page, but not relevant or useful to your users, then you will not get a good SERP ranking.


3. Create Backlinks

41% of large companies consider link building as the most difficult SEO tactic. (source: Ascend2/Conductor)

The back links to your website will signify to Google that your site has domain authority and is useful for other users.


Back links refer to how many other websites are linked back to your store. We can help you create more backlinks for your website.


Take away


These are some common ways in which an SEO strategy can be started for your business.


Once you have these steps covered, you can be assured that you will see your expected growth.


Talk to our experts, you will be astounded by the excellent results and will understand why most people opt for EWDC.


Reach out to EWDC, we help you to transform your website and attract more customers!




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