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Build A Store To Sell Gadgets Online


Gadgets are the top most selling products. Smartwatch sales rates in 2019 are huge in history. And sales of smartphones reached 4.43 million units last year. Our team has reviewed the top e-commerce gadget stores and we help you to know how to start an electronics store online?



Purchasing items from a distributor not only allows you to buy famous brand items at a significant discount, but allows you to be among the first to know about new products and latest updates.



 The essence of this method is cooperation with a supplier and the only thing you have to do is download a catalog of items available and pass purchase information and the related customer data to the manufacturer once a purchase is made. Then get your commission.


It’s not always easy to find a reliable supplier with favorable terms. When you do a lot of research, you’ll be able to find your perfect supplier and move forward with your gadget store development!

Features to Develop a Website for Selling Electronics

A website must provide flawless customer service and make all your interactions smooth and engaging. In order to do this, we recommend that you consider the following features:

  •         Product video. Video reviews are one of the most effective ways to give an impression of the product in a quick manner.
  •         Guest Checkout.  The best way is to implement a Guest Checkout option. Also you may implement logging in via social networks.
  •          Wish list. A Wish list enables users to add the products to the cart for future shopping. Adding this feature to your electronics store is a piece of cake.
  •         Sorting and filtering. Nobody wants to waste time while looking for a dream device. Thus it’s a good idea to let the user sort a list of the gadgets that meet their requirements.

Electronics Store Website Design

  •         Clear navigation. Make sure to design the navigation user friendly. Users greatly appreciate when they can find needed items fast, without issue. One popular solution for gadget shop development is to provide a menu. It works well for website navigation to present a convenient display.
  •         Featured products bar. You can add something like a “Best-selling” or “Popular” items bar. This kind of solution always attracts wider audience.
  •         Right color scheme. A current trend is to use various shades of blue, black, gray and white. This is pleasing to young people more. Colors like these are intended to give them a strong feel of attractiveness.

What Matters for a Gadget Store in Terms of Design and UX?

  •         Your store should simple.
  •         Your website must be easy to use.
  •         Your content should be original and serve its purpose.
  •         The content on the website should evoke emotion and appreciation.
  •         Content needs to be easy to navigate.
  •         Content needs to be accessible to people with disabilities.
  •         Users must trust and believe what you present to them.


Themes to Develop an Online Gadget Store

If you use a ready made solution for your online gadget store development, you might like this idea to develop your online gadget store.


Magento Theme makes it easy to launch your own electronic shop business.


  •         Accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Google backed technology that allows web pages to be loaded quickly on mobile devices.
  •         Sorting options. This feature provides shoppers with multiple product display options such as grid, list-based view, alphabetical order, etc.
  •         Mega menu. This must-have feature gives you the ability to show categories, subcategories, and items at the same time in an extremely convenient manner, which works to gain more customer attention.
  •         Image slider. Powerful rotation systems that can help you rotate slider elements in any sequence using one of the predefined animation effects.

 The importance of e-commerce for consumer electronics


Consumer electronics refer to all those electronic devices that we use each day for entertainment, communication, or office work. Your personal computer, Smartphone, and TV to

extractor hoods, digital cameras, fridges, and even vacuum cleaners. In simple words, single electronic device that we use on a daily basis.


What are the advantages of selling in a sector like this?

 According to Global B2C E-commerce, the consumer electronics sector is the most mature e-commerce sector in Europe, North America, and Asia and is growing at an average rate of 21.5%.

Best marketing strategy for consumer electronics in 2020


Hyper specialization. In other words, you focus your offer on a very concrete audience. Nowadays, online consumers are giving more value to good user experience. They not only look for cheap products but also want to feel that they are treated well and can easily find information about the products. Take advantage of that, focus on a specific type of client, and make it easy for them to buy.

 For example:

        1. Millennial:

If you focus on this audience, you’ll have to think about all the electronic devices that they love: mobile phones, tablets, cameras, computers, and all other types of ‘gadgets’.


     2.  70+:

What are their needs? Easy to use technology. For example,  TVs that don’t require technical expertise to set up and use.


     3. Technology for kids: The offer should be focused on their parents, who will be making the purchase. What are their needs? They want to know the educational benefits of the devices their kids will be using.


  •       Products – accompanied by their respective images
  •       Categories – to apply filters by price
  •       Offers – to check whether there are any current deals for a specific product


 Gadgets are a popular online item, and with the right platform, your gadget store can be a huge success. Reach customers worldwide with the help of our team and see why selling gadgets online has never been so easy!

                           Sell on Mobile, Sell Socially, Sell Everywhere


  1. Mobile Ready Store Design

Your store will run smoothly and looks great on all devices, perfect for all mobile shoppers.

2. Social Leverage

Share the latest and greatest products on Facebook with powerfully targeted advertising, and let your customers post their wish lists, favorite products, and more.

3. Cover All the Markets

Sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping and more with a built in platforms.

4. Dominate the Search Engines

Designed with SEO in mind to get you ahead of the competition.

5. Entire Store is Search Engine Optimized

From the home page to category, product, blog, and content pages everything is optimized for search engines.

6. Google Analytics

Universal Google Analytics with E Commerce Tracking is built right in!  Simply enter your Google Analytics account ID.

7. Built in SEO optimized Blog

Includes a fully functional blogging content management system with which you can publish your own articles.

8. Advanced SEO Tools

Sitemap builder, Canonical URLs, 301 redirects, Custom File Names, Robots.txt editor, Dynamic Meta tags – Everything you need to make your store is search engine optimized!

9. Advanced store statistics

Quickly see which items sell the most, your store’s most active categories and best customers.

10. Expand Your Online Gadget Business with Our Sell More Tools

  •       Daily Deals
  •       Auto responders
  •       Group Deals
  •       Abandoned Cart Emails
  •       Make an Offer
  •       Product Reviews Emails
  •       Social Wish Lists
  •       Newsletter Smart lists
  •       Gift Registry

 11. Expert Technical Support.

When you need it and how you need it. Our eCommerce platform supports you.

12. 24x7x 365 Expert Supports

Our Support Team never rests, just like your business, we’re open!




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