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10 Smart Hacks to Start a Furniture E commerce Business and boost your sales!


In 2040, 95% of all purchases will be made through E commerce platforms.

The technological advancement of high speed internet networks such as 4G in India provides ease to the customers to buy furniture through online platforms.


The smartphone users across the country are encouraging the furniture industry players to introduce their products through online channels.


The players such as Pepperfry, Urban ladder and others are generating significant revenue through online platforms.


The trend of online shopping is pushing manufacturers like Godrej Furniture, Nilkamal etc., to introduce and sell their furniture online.


For example, leading offline retailer of ready made furniture products named @Home,

which is the brand of Nilkamal Pvt. Ltd launches its online shopping portal for the exclusive @Home furniture and home decor items.


30 seconds summary about the industry:



  • The global average annual growth rate for the industry is 11.9%


  • Indian furniture market is anticipated to cross $27 Billion by 2022


  • During the forecast period of 2016-2023, it would grow at 12.91% CAGR 


  • User penetration for this industry will grow 2X from 2019 to 2023 


  • Digitally influenced purchases contribute to 60% of sales for this industry vertical in India


More than 50% of customers prefer online furniture shopping in mobile apps. Here is why?



Traditional buying is getting old fashioned now.

India emerges as the 6th largest economy in the world and India’s e-commerce Industry, especially the furniture industry.



Foreign giants like IKEA, also other e-commerce platforms in the furniture domain including Pepperfry, Urban Ladder & Wooden Street are very successful in the market already.



The online furniture industry is evolving rapidly and the market share is high as the competition prevails.


It’s not too late now.

You can still venture into online furniture stores and earn like never before across your global competitors.


How to Sell Furniture Online?


We got a fair understanding about the industry, its challenges, requirements and trends; let us begin the process to set up the store and start selling online.


Before you start your Online business you should find reputable suppliers of popular items like sofa, desks, dining-table, beds, cabinets, study-tables, chairs etc.


The style, material and the quality of the material that you choose for your store is very important.


 Also find single or multiple wholesalers who can help you build a rich catalogue of products to sell online.


Once you got your vendors and product catalogue in place you can start building and launching your store.


Let us begin the journey:


 Transform your Online Furniture Domain in 2020:



  1. Focus on “Selling the Experience” and not just the Product


By creating a good selling experience, you can create a long lasting effect in the minds of the consumers.

It will give “Brand Recall” value. It also encourages marketing.


We at EWDC, focus on the experience by customizing every requirement that suits every client’s need.

 Our customization process ensures that client requirements are identified and solutions are provided correctly.


  1. Internet of Things (IOT)


Many popular brands and their physical stores are tracking the search terms which people searched on search engines, before visiting the actual store.


This helps in providing specific discount & promotional alerts to the customers.

IOT helps brands to provide the customers with specific products.

By 2020, the need for IOT will increase in huge numbers.


  1. Artificially Intelligent Smart Chatbots in Customer Service and Chat Support


Most of the Online ecommerce brands are using Chatbots with Artificial intelligence.

These chatbots can greet customers automatically and thus reduces the time of customers.


Chat Bots are capable of handling normal queries and assign a call back from a Customer Service Professional to solve the customer queries.



  1. Augmented Reality in Marketing


IKEA launched in India with a bang. The roads were blocked with traffic and expectations around IKEA were very high.


The marketing strategy that IKEA uses is very simple. They tied up with Auto Rickshaw service providers and provided them with AR glasses.

When a passenger takes up the ride, they are requested to put on the AR glasses.


This shows the bestselling products of IKEA throughout the journey. This is possible only with the help of Augmented Reality.


AR helps in simulating the Virtual World.

This technology will play a major role in the online furniture industry in future. Hence to be updated is always beneficial.


  1. Most Popular Business Models to Sell Furniture Online


The top 3 successful business models:


 Create an Online Store


You can set up an online store exclusively for home furniture.

You have to source vendors that supply a rich product range on budget, expertise and experience.


Set Up A Niche Multi-Vendor Marketplace


The big brands like FabFurnish, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder help the vendors to sell a new variety of furniture on your marketplace.

When you support their websites in growth eventually you also get a commission on every sale done through your marketplace.


On-Rent Model


Investing in home furniture can be a real big-investment, even if you benefit in the long run.

The new-age of reusing goods is gaining money throughout the globe.


This culture developed furniture on-rent models into a popular business.

That makes hassle free for the customer from high investment and maintenance.


 It also gives more mobility to shift the goods if your customers are planning to move to another town or city.


  1. Roll out Your Amazing Online Store


Create hierarchical product categories and catalogs for your online store.

With this feature you can display product variants, large size product images and videos you can offer your customers to give an in-store kind of experience.


This is important for an online furniture store where customers like to have a real life-like feel of the product.


Online buyers rely on reviews and star rating; Our EWDC ecommerce solution provides this feature.


 It will help you influence the purchase decision of customers with user-generated content and images.


  1. Use M-Commerce to Reach New Markets


Ecommerce is majorly mobile commerce now.

We know that more than 50% of buyers research for their products on their mobile.

 Also, with high mobile-internet users, you can reach new markets and a wider customer.


Our ecommerce platform provides the feature to convert your online furniture store into a PWA site that looks and works like a mobile app.


You also get the feature to easily create Android and iOS apps for your business which is our added bonus for you.


  1. Set up Trusted Payment Channels



To make checkouts easier for your customers you need to make the multiple payment options in a secured way.


Our ecommerce platform offers multiple payment options on your online furniture store to be easy for your customers.


  1. Market Your Brand with Powerful Tools


Every best store needs this strategic marketing to be visible and attract buyers.

Marketing through emails, real-time unified notifications (SMS, PUSH or email), in-app marketing, social media marketing, discounts and promotions and a good SEO is essential for you to establish your brand in the market.


We help you to optimize your site quickly without any technical hassle.

Our social media integrations will help your furniture store to get popular soon.


  1. Get Reliable Logistics in Place


Logistics partner offers seamless and discounted shipping using multiple channel partners.

A smart choice here is to go for a shipping platform that offers automated shipping management using multiple courier partners.


This will save the upfront cost, negotiation and also gives a variety of shipping options for your online furniture store.


Your top Competitors in Furniture eCommerce Brands in India:


  1. Pepperfry


Pepperfry is the top home furniture brand in India.

When it comes to furniture, Pepperfry is the one name that tops in the minds of many Indians.


Looking at the success of offline stores and Indian customer psychology, this home furnishing brand has offline stores in almost 10 cities.


Pepperfry also launched furniture rental services targeting people who look for an amazing home and living experiences rather than owning home furnishing products.



  1. Urban Ladder


Urban Ladder is another top home furniture brand in India in the eCommerce industry which is giving the toughest competition to Pepperfry.


This online home furnishing brand is a startup.

They take care from the entire end-to-end processes from bringing in the wood, designing the furniture and to deliver the purchased furniture.

Yes Urban Ladder is an e-tailer for furniture and home decor products.


  1. HomeTown


HomeTown is considered as one of the top home furnishing brands in India.


HomeTown has 40+ offline stores across 22 cities of India.

Their online home decor store is even doing better than other high competitive brands.


  1. Home Centre


Home Centre is another Indian home decor brand started with the offline retail stores.

This home furnishing brand sells the home decor and furniture products across the Middle East and India.


It is very well named in the retail furniture industry; so it was easy for Home Centre to launch their online store.


In 2017, Home Centre launched its eCommerce websites and apps in India to provide their customer experience and sales.


And, the home furniture brand has 33 offline stores covering major cities in India.


  1. @home


@home is a furniture retail store by Nilkamal Limited which manufactures furniture, mattresses, and many home decor products.


The home decor brand also offers interior design solutions and personalized professional guidance to buy the right products for a particular home.

@home is very popular online and also offline with 26 stores.



So there you have it! These are the 10 Smart Hacks to Start a Furniture E commerce Business and boost your Sales.




This guide covers everything you need to know before you setup an online home-decor and furniture store.


Hope you can give wings to your dreams and create an online store that gives recognition to your brand.


EWDC eCommerce platform offers all that you need to understand and market your online business.


If you’re doing only offline business, then you’re losing profits in this advanced world.

Start & Grow your business Online to Get 10x Profits than Ever!


Ready to sell furniture online? Leave us a comment if you have any queries or need any advice please feel free to contact us!



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