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How To Make a Food Delivery App like Postmates?


In the current scenario where everybody is expected to avoid going out for unnecessary reasons, many of us are privileged to have an online food delivery application that eases our food ordering issues and delivers food right at our doorstep.

Food delivery applications are changing the face of the restaurants and food business and making more and more customers choose this application since most of the individuals prefer takeouts. But one has to keep the key requirements and the criteria to be met to make a food delivery app like Postmates.


Why are the on-demand services sought-after?

Before we dive into the details of making a food delivery application that is similar to Postmates we must know the benefits of the On-demand delivery marketplace and why it is the need of the hour. The following points will make that clear to you.

  • The customers get the opportunity to get their necessary items delivered whenever they want and wherever they want.
  • The profit of the company increases exponentially as the number of clients increases.
  • You can get the maximum data about the company without any issues.
  • The customers help in popularizing your application rather than working hard for marketing.

According to Statista, on March 18, 2020, 60% of 18 to 24 year olds surveyed had already increased the frequency they use online delivery services. The 35 to 54 year old individuals had the biggest likelihood to increase frequency, with 40% saying they would do so.

Let us also throw some light on the facts of food delivery app Postmates. At the beginning, it started as a courier service delivering consumer goods to their users. Later, they started  on-demand food delivery service where they partnered with almost 6,00,000 restaurants.


How does the popular food delivery application work? 

Popular delivery applications like Postmates work on the aforementioned On-demand delivery marketplace and make the most out of their clients. Since it does not have a delivery partner of its own it gets help from independent courier companies to deliver the items to the customers.

It has application features that cater to all the delivery needs of the customers and also a panel for the courier company and so on. As the other leading food delivery applications are considered they have the common pathway like user registration, user’s location tracking, setting up the payment modes, and finally delivering the food items to the user.

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Requirements for making the Food delivery app like Postmates

First, we need to concentrate on making the client panel with all the necessary features for the ease of the Client’s navigation as well as usage. There can be more than one version of the applications namely the one for the customers who want to order the takeout and one for the delivery partners if you wish to hire an independent delivery company.


Creating the Food delivery application

The features in the client application have to be chosen carefully in order to provide the ease to order and pay for the customer using it:

The User Interface(UI) must be very simple and must consist of


User Registration

The clients should be able to register and create their account in a few simple steps and should be able to order right away


Easily editable profiles

It should be easy for the customers to edit their profiles anytime and you have to provide the features to add and delete the addresses at will.


Searching for the best restaurants around the User’s locality

The users must be able to look for restaurants around them and should also get suggestions for the best restaurants and dishes that they should try. An interactive search panel would help your customers to find the right place to order and attract more clients to use your applications thereby increasing your profit.


Detailed information about the Restaurants

The user should be able to browse through the details and the photos of the restaurant that they are ordering in and they should also be able to read reviews of customers who have already bought dishes from the restaurant. It is of utmost importance to display the proper details to the customers for helping them make the right decision and increasing the restaurant’s revenue.


The ordering system must be very easy

The steps followed for the order should be very easy as the customers will get annoyed with multiple steps. You can start by asking the live location of the customer by allowing the application to access the location, once the location is pinpointed then the user can select the dishes for delivery, then the users should be able to track the order and finally get their food delivered.


Setting Up Payment

The users should be able to pay through popular payment options such as Google pay, Paypal, or Apple pay, once the payment is set up you can proceed with testing.


Testing and implementation

Once you have set up all the necessary features in the application you can start testing and then finally implement it into the market.

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The Revenue model For A Food Delivery App Like Postmates 

Making money or generating revenue is the main concern with which you want to make a food delivery mobile app. It is quite natural to question how your food delivery application can gain revenue. Below you will find ways to generate massive revenue from your food delivery app.


Delivery cost

Just for your knowledge, delivery charges are a major source of income. So you can maintain a minimum delivery charge based on the distance between pick up and drop location.


Restaurant Revenue

The Partner Restaurant will have to pay an amount to the app owner as commissions.



This is a massive source of revenue. Restaurants pay money to manage their advertisements to promote their popularity.


Premium Membership Subscription

When your food delivery application is free to connect and order, you can provide additional facilities for members of choice by taking high-end membership fees. So it can generate revenue for you. For instance, Zomato Gold Membership.


High-demand Pricing Model

It is now something very optional for income generation. Food delivery applications like Zomato and GrubHub take this model. This simply means that the higher demand, delivery charges are high. 

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Final Tips To Build Food Delivery App Right Way

Target Audience With Offers

Start by addressing your target audience, then build your application accordingly. Customize your offers to meet the needs of the community, offering options not found in all restaurants. For instance, it would have a wider range if the menu of your application contains vegetarian food options, gluten-free or kosher.


Good Relations With Farmers and Local Stores

Invest in good relations with local farmers and grocery stores. And never try to underestimate the word of mouth’s power, it takes time to develop credibility and a solid reputation in the market, but you can receive additional promotion for free through partnerships with restaurants.


Hire Both Full-time And Freelancers

And finally, do not put all your eggs in one basket. This means that you should combine a full-time staff with part-time freelancers. This offers great flexibility, a talented workforce, and people for your delivery services while minimizing your costs.



Now that you know the requirements to make a food delivery application like Postmates you can start building your application right away by keeping in mind the features and requirements. You should be able to meet the demands of your customers properly in order to make your food delivery application a major success.

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