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8 Jaw Dropping Features In Grocery App For 1x Productivity Hike


With on-demand applications flooding in the marketplace, buyers have gradually adapted to shop everything online, such as food, cosmetics, medicine, and grocery. In these e-commerce businesses, online grocery is remaining a top-notch eCommerce business for years. 

Moreover, due to the Pandemic situation, this online marketplace became helpful for people in many ways to avoid going to grocery stores physically.

  • According to Statista the number of customers who chose a  grocery delivery app increased from around 11% in the week of March 1 to some 37%  in the week of March 22nd, 2020.

As customers find online grocery shopping convenient, retailers are taking the extra steps to deliver an extraordinary user experience by building their own grocery mobile application.

If you wish to hire mobile app developers to build your app or reinvent your existing apps with impeccable features, here are essential grocery app features to increase your productivity.

Top 8 Grocery App Features 

1. Seamless Login/Signup

Registration is the beginning step that users must do while entering into your mobile application. You can also welcome your customers with direct sign up using their mobile number or Google or Social media accounts. This will save their time and also help users to store their passwords in the account. However, you will also get their information easily through this, and you can use it to stay engaged with customers.

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2. Real-Time Order Tracking


Order tracking feature works miracles in assuring user satisfaction and productivity. It helps customers to track the delivery executives in real-time location until they deliver their order. Also, it allows customers to have an idea of their order arrival time, which ultimately boosts your brand trust in your customers.


3. Smart Search


If your e-commerce store has a variety of products, customers may find it difficult in finding products from your store. In such cases, you should definitely consider adding all these app features that help to get a 1x productivity hike for your online grocery store.

Ensure to add search filters into your grocery app that can help customers to narrow down their search and find the required products quickly.

Moreover, you can also offer a voice-enabled search option that helps customers to find product using voice searches. If you provide more convenience to customers, then you will get more conversions.

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4. Popular Recommendations


Recommendations are always beneficial for businesses, they are worth all the retailer’s effort. So, make sure to include product recommendations to your customers based on their past search history and user shopping behavior while they are shopping for your app products.

Also showcase to them a list of popular recommended products that most customers are interested to purchase. This app features can encourage customers to buy products from the recommended product list, hence it increases your sales and productivity consistently.

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5. Special Rewards

Discounts and rewards are absolutely jaw-dropping features that encourage customers to visit your app frequently. So, make sure to integrate a customer loyalty program in your grocery app. 

This makes customers take up actions like sign up and making purchases. It will give them a reason to shop in your app every time and also encourage them to shop most frequently.

6. Save For Later


Sometimes customers will be interested in a product but they wish to save it for later purchasing for various reasons.

In such a scenario, an app feature like “wishlist” or “save items” can help your customers to find the products they are interested in purchasing in the future. 


7. Push Notifications

Push notifications can instantly increase user engagement and your app productivity. Using the notification feature, you can easily notify customers about your latest products, discounts, saved products, and other order statuses. 

Don’t send too many unnecessary notifications and annoy them, instead send proper well-curated notifications.

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8. Multiple Payment Gateway


The payment and order placement process is an important step in your online grocery store. Incorporate multiple payment options like Credit/Debit Card, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Cash on Delivery into your grocery delivery app that helps customers to pay via their preferred options.

If one method doesn’t work, they will opt for other choices and never choose to abandon their cart. Hence, this app feature can significantly impact your sales and productivity.


Hire the best grocery delivery app development company


We have listed the important features you need to include in your online grocery mobile app. Along with these features, it’s also essential to consider the UI/UX design. However,With the best grocery delivery app development company, can help you to achieve your goal and assist you in creating your dream grocery app in reality. 

The best grocery app development company knows how to customize a simple, effective and user-friendly app that helps to attract more customers and also retain the existing customers. 

Also, the grocery delivery app development company must provide effective sales support which helps businesses to incorporate new app features in near future.


Bottom Line

Therefore, the thought of creating a grocery delivery app is profitable when you include all these features.

Ensure to integrate all the features in your app that encourages existing customers to purchase in your online grocery store and increase your revenue. Moreover, you can expand your business by integrating new features into your application.

If you are thinking that these grocery app features can significantly benefit your business, invest in our mobile app development services.

Our experts can create an extraordinary online grocery app for your business that everyone will love.


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