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Take a step in this Lockdown – Time to move on from Offline Retail business to Online Stores

Move from retail to online store

We all know, Currently, India has been under lockdown since March 25, 2020, in order to arrest the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease.


Moreover, this COVID-19 has driven a number of consumers to stay indoors — and shop online for any essential needs to avoid gatherings.

Furthermore, this has eventually increased the buyer’s online shopping experience from 49.6 percent to 72.1 percent during the last year.

That is a 30.6 percent rise in 2020 than they were in 2019. 

On the other side, consumers following these stay-at-home orders, social isolation rapidly led to a fall in revenue and chances of survival for small grocery store owners. 

Additionally, research reveals that consumers are not only shopping more online as the lockdown progresses. However, long before there was a global coronavirus pandemic, brick-and-mortar retailers struggled to get people to walk through their doors instead of shopping online.

But now this crisis, even made those retailers’ situation much worse than before.


They face a difficult task: how to stay on people’s minds – and more importantly their pocketbooks – when many of their store doors are closed.


So, if you’re a small grocery shop owner reading this article, you must understand an important thing at this point from consumer perception.


Today in every consumer mind,  there runs a specific question- “how long will the virus actually be here/exist? And when it completely vanishes out from our state?” 


“Right now it’s very unclear how long this impact will be — not only because we don’t know the life span of the virus. Hence, this quickly emerged as a latent fear among consumers. 


The longer the impact, the more lingering the fear, and the more evolution there will be of consumer processes.”


Understanding this from the longer-term aspect,  large scale retailers are already beginning to find new ways to cope with coronavirus, and some of them started to focus purely on E-commerce during the lockdown.


To be pointed out, Leading large scale retailers such as Reliance Retail, Lifestyle, Levi Strauss, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Arvind Fashions, Vijay Sales, and Great Eastern Retail said they are going to expand their initiatives on online sales when the restrictions are eased on online sales of non-essentials from April 21.


“With e-commerce, at least we have some opening now which is one positive step,” said J Suresh, MD at Arvind Fashions which runs stores of multiple brands like US Polo Assn, Sephora, Calvin Kl.


But what about you-small grocery shop owners? How can you overcome this struggling coronavirus pandemic and increase your sales revenue and chances of survival after lockdown?


I know this is something entirely new for you to turn your brick and mortar stores to digital. Hence, to help you here are some quick and easy tips that you can adapt to move your Small business retail store to eCommerce.


Quick and Easy Tips to Move Retail store to eCommerce:


  1. Choose a Name for your eCommerce store:


One of the most important parts while converting a store into e-commerce is choosing the right name for your brand.


This must be short and simple. So it makes it easier for your target audience to remember, pronounce, and to fit in the header of a homepage.


Move from Offline to online store


Next, comes finding the right domain name .com for your e-commerce website.


A good domain name should support a brand. So, research well and choose a domain name that is short, easy to remember, and unique but also use keywords relating to the information that you provided on the e-commerce site.


  1. Build a Website and do SEO:


Yes, once you’ve chosen your eCommerce store name. Now its time to rent a place to fill your store with all necessary grocery items to sell to your audience.


In the same line, to run a successful eCommerce business, you must develop a beautifully designed eCommerce website. This is where you can add products, upload the images, descriptions, and information.


Your website is the first impression to anyone across the web. Hence, develop an eCommerce website from a reputed website development company in Chennai to get the best in return.


Move from offline retail to online store


The developed website should be a fast, simple, and beautifully designed Website that attracts the attention of the audience and leads to higher conversion.


So, now you have a beautifully designed website and uploaded all your products. What’s Next? Inviting your customers to your store through Search Engines like google and Yahoo to sell your products.


Hence, to run any successful business online, it’s important to do SEO or search engine optimization – a process of generating more organic traffic and making your e-commerce website to rank first in the google search results.


This is because 75 percent of people never go past the first page of search engines. Therefore, hire the best SEO company to make your eCommerce website rank first for intended keywords and start doing digital marketing. 


Don’t panic. All these are just a one-time investment to open a store for long-term profit that you never imagined.


  1. Have relevant support tools:


Yes, one of the most crucial parts of a conversion process is that you must have an email id, phone number, on our web page, through which we can resolve occasional problems and customer needs.


This is because a visible phone number on your website can increase conversion by a 0.5% (3% is conversion maximum) since people feel comfortable with a brand that has a face behind it.


Move from Offline retail to Online store


So, don’t forget to tell your website developer to add support tools on your web page. Such brands appear more credible for shoppers and they trust those brands and their products more.


  1. Monitor your Performance:


Setting up and selling your product, is where your work is not completed. You must monitor your analytics and metrics consistently to improve your products and online stores, and to offer your customers what they want.


Move from offline retail to online store

For this, there are different analytics tools like google analytics and KISSmetrics which gives you a deeper insight into your customer’s needs.

For instance, Google analytics measures advertising ROI and performance of website properties while KISSmetrics analyzes behavior and engagement.


Bottom Line: 


I hope from the above discussion we made, you can understand how important it is to turn from an offline retail store to an online eCommerce store to survive in this evolving digital world.


Don’t fear. Everything is going to be normal soon.


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