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5 Things Every Retail Business Owner Should Know Before Moving to an Online Grocery Store!

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We all Know, today COVID-19 pandemic has driven a number of consumers to stay indoors — and shop online for any essential needs to arrest the spread of coronavirus. In such a case, if you are a retail shop owner, decide to shift your offline grocery store to an online grocery store to make a profit during the lockdown and beyond. Then, it’s the right time to know the 5 things before you shift to an online grocery store.


Hence, reading this article, you will come to know,


  1. What is an online grocery store?
  2. What are the benefits of an online grocery store?
  3. Scope and potential of an online grocery store in the eCommerce sphere.
  4. Things to Consider before you start an online grocery store?  
  5. How to set up an online Grocery Store at low investment?


  1. What is an Online Grocery store?

So far, you sold your products in a remote location and your store is familiar only to a specific group of people around your location.

But when it comes to the online grocery store, you start selling your products online globally and several numbers of customers start contacting you through the internet for any essentials.

Moreover, unlike offline stores, where consumers don’t have to put in any extra effort to move from one shop to another in search of a particular product or brand. Everything they need will be displayed in front of their eyes in their mobile phones, laptops. All they have to do is to choose and place an order.

Furthermore, if you’re a small-scale grocery shop owner who is not able to generate a decent amount of sales in certain days, you would also get a fair chance to increase your profit every day with improved sales in exchange for nominal subscription fees.

  1. Benefits of Online grocery shop:

Setting up an Online grocery store provides numerous and own set of benefits when it comes to consumers as well as vendors.

For Consumers: 

  • It saves time: In the fast-paced world, everyone is busy with their own schedules even if there is no time to spend some quality time with family. In such a case, online grocery shopping helps consumers to save time without roaming for shops from one place to another to get a necessary product. Additionally, it also helps in saving time without standing in the queue to make a payment.
  • It saves money: Here, consumers can get a lot of discounts, offers and if they’re an elite or regular customer, they can avail free delivery for a year.
  • Doorstep Delivery: The primary gift that customers receive from online shopping is the doorstep delivery process that too in the shortest time possible.
  • Lots of Options to choose from: In online grocery shopping, all the brands will be available at one place and consumers can leverage them just by a one-click sitting at home.
  • Various Payment options: There are different payment options available through online shopping, the customers can choose any of Debit, credit, Paytm, Net Banking, and so on to make a payment.

For Vendors:

Running an online grocery shop, vendors can be found 24/7 online and this increases your brand online presence.

On the other hand, your earning chances increase after you register your grocery stores online. Furthermore, if your items are up to the quality mark, you are more often preferred by consumers which gives your income a hike.

The Internet is not a small river rather it is an ocean. Here, you get a wide window for growing your business as well. The hike in income gives your business a good capital backup for expanding your business further.

  1. Scope and Potential of having an online grocery store:

According to the data of Statista, the demand for online grocery stores is on a boom, especially when it comes to India.

Furthermore, currently, many young entrepreneurs are turning towards the idea of starting online grocery stores in the digital world which helps them to grow faster in the shortest time period possible.

On the other hand, today’s generation of millennials is also turning to online grocery shopping mainly because it saves time and effort.

Therefore, with the increasing interest of people in online grocery shopping, there are a number of opportunities for elaborating online stores in the Asia Pacific region.

Hence, Considering a few points, the online grocery store owners can go a long way.

  1. Things to Consider before You start an online Grocery store: 

Find your niche

We all know, today there are still well-established online grocery stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, and so on the market. In such a case, building a room for your online grocery store will become a challenge. Hence, to make your foot in the race, you will have to find your niche in this section, e.g. you can concentrate more on selling only fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and essentials instead of making available every item under the umbrella.

Personalize the Experience

Offering a personalized experience to the consumers is one such way to build your brand among competitors.

You must understand, the customers always like to have a look at which items are bought frequently in your store or what is the most popular brand in your online store.

For this, you can showcase like Highlighted products of the week, best products with the least price, etc.

With these kinds of personal experiences, the customers will be more willing to buy groceries from your online store.

Tweaking the  Business Model

Today with the evolution of digital. It is important for us to make a  model-shift. A new perspective on the business model of online grocery stores is needed that is not a shadow of the traditional B2C website.

For instance, you can cut short the whole hectic process by adding a new segment for your online grocery store website like the subscription model that just requires the customers to add to the basic shopping list once in the cart and then every month those grocery items will be delivered to them in the doorstep without further visiting your site every month and add items to the cart one by one.

Maintaining Transparency  

Always maintain transparency to your customers to build trust among you. For this, write content, that lets your customers know from where your grocery is being supplied. Especially fresh vegetable fruits and grains and cereals and try to add some high-quality photos of your collection. This entices your customers to become regular customers.  Since the consumers can’t practically touch or feel the product, hence it will be helpful for them.

Furthermore, it will provide them with the assurance of quality.

  1. How to set up an online Grocery Store at low investment?

If you are also planning to start an online grocery store, we can help you.

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