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How to sell Groceries online with EWDC


With the evolution of technology, online grocery market had resolved the problems which were faced by customers when they were purchasing groceries. Now, consumers were given the opportunity to use standard goods without wasting any time or energy on visiting supermarkets for their monthly grocery needs.

Present-day, websites that sell groceries online have obtained importance all over the world, and it has already become the next-biggest-thing in the emerging markets like India. And, customers can purchase anything from fresh vegetables to wrapped foods and household needs on online grocery platforms like BigBasket, Grocers, Instacart, Localbanya, PepperTap, and more.

Famous brands are making a contrast with their exclusive business models and website features. With many prime stores in view, it has turned into a big difficult for new ventures to create a online grocery shopping website as good as the successful online grocery stores without spoiling user experience.

In the wake of trials, made to build a clone of famous brands, new websites disregard the essential of few website features that have severe outcomes.

For those who plan on starting their very own grocery order and delivery website, EWDC has built the best grocery eCommerce script with in-class features to challenge with other grocery platforms in the market!

The online groceries business is anticipated to improve a rate of 25-30% in a year in larger number of cities in India and is supposed to cross $25 Billion by the year 2020.

How to begin with Grocery Platform?

Here’s the Grocery Business Model



An online grocery store targets at delivering the finest quality grocery things directly to the doorstep of a consumer at competitive rates. In this case, customers can order products from the website of the company and prefer a time slot for the delivery. Few sites compel consumers to pay online before the order, and few provide cash on delivery payment option too.

It is evident that the online grocery eCommerce websites have a beautiful future, but only sites with significant features can remain in the competition. Site experience will not only create sale from first-time visitors, but also encourage to get referrals.

What does it take to own online grocery store successfully?

It’s the Powerful Website Features!

bigbasket clone ewdc

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EWDC’s Grocery eCommerce Features:

The online grocery delivery website of yours should have a clear interface that let customers understand your platform only and start with purchasing right away.

Here are some customized features that makes online grocery selling website different from others. Right from the home page to admin dashboards, we have worked out some of the best features necessary to create remarkable grocery online store!

# Welcome Popup:

When users open the website for the first time, they can be welcomed with a popup notification. It asks them to choose their city. This features lets you only to satisfy people from a selected location.


This feature is available only in Marketplace or Multi-store Grocery eCommerce Platform!
Besides the popup can also display the customer care information to the user for any queries.

# Slider Banner:

Prosper in any internet business; it is fundamental to convey primary benefits continuously to website visitors. It is where your website can hit the eye of the bull with a slider banner which displays your special offers, attractive deals, and central message.

# Search Functionality:

Product discovery is the main feature of eCommerce websites. With thousands of products listed in the site, search gets to be one of the most important features of any online grocery store. In addition to the vital auto-suggest functionalities, your site can also have the feature of attaching products to the cart from search listing with just a click as it takes off the inconvenience of going to the product page. It is something remarkable and worth adding to your online store.

# Register/Sign-In:

Use standard terms like ‘New User’, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’ and attempt to make the registration process easier. By adding a banner image, you can tell visitors about the deals and promotions which is connecting to registration.

Asking for the contact numbers at the time of registration assists to beat spams and controls the issue of many accounts from the same household. Assign various pages for login and registration. Besides, you can also offer the choice to make registrations through social networks.

# Product Page:

As already said, you can provide the choice to include any product to cart from the listing, but it does not decrease the energy of product page that displays further details to purchasers like:

  • Product Description
  • Product Cost
  • Availability of product in various sizes
  • Add to cart buttons

The entire visual theme of your website should be to offer pertinent details only!

# Add to Cart:

The characteristic of including a product into the purchase cart and then moving along with payment is the foundation of any eCommerce site. Building on some uniqueness to this aspect can be efficient. For example, you can make the required products visible at the bottom of the page. However, most eCommerce websites show those added products in a sidebar for the convenience of users. We hand over this upon you to attempt and decide if indicating the cart at the base as a bar will add value to the website or will be a difficulty for users.

# Hot Selling Products:

To succeed in the most ambitious market, you need to put the spotlight on your best products. It can be done through the “Hot Selling Products” section that displays the most popular products listed on your website.

# Checkout Feature:

The checkout page must be planned smartly and to achieve this, the place of all adding the listing of items, quantity, and costs must be prepared beforehand.
Some unique points are:

  • Provide ease to take off products without any stress from this page.
  • Let users grow the amount of any specific product at checkout stage too. A ‘plus’ sign can be given just near to supply box to enlarge the number by merely clicking it. The ‘add quantity’ button must have a color which can induce action (like green).
  • A ‘Proceed to Pay’ button should be given some important color to point to the next step.

You may also place an aspect to use discount voucher or coupon codes that can be included at last. We recommend this segment should come before Proceed payment option.

# Chat support:

There is no refusing that you need to put particular focus on building a direct connection with customers. It can be fulfilled with live chat features available on all pages. This real-time chat lets purchasers discuss all their queries about grocery shopping from customer support.

# Payment Options:

You can provide different payment modes like:

  • Cash on delivery (COD)
  • Internet banking
  • Credit/debit cards

Moreover, to build loyalty among its customers, you can also have a feature like reward points, which act as discounts for grocery buying from your store. It is an important strategy for your website attentive in building brand consistency among customers.

# User reviews:

It is an acknowledged fact all over that first-time shoppers pay great significance to reviews and endorsements. Having a Testimonial section will not only support user confidence in selecting your store but also improves constancy of your brand.

# Mobile App:

Present-day mobility has become essential for all eCommerce websites to have a free app choice. It enlarges the reach of your platform and creates it simple for users to purchase on the go. That is why you have to invest in developing a mobile app for leading platforms. An online grocery store must have a mobile App in order to be future ready!

So that those features being said, these are the fast ways to get started with your grocery website! It can also be profitable if you discover the accurate script or platform like EWDC that has ample features to start your super-marketplace to sell online like never before!

We also offer bigbasket clone, marketplace multi-vendor and multi-store grocery eCommerce platforms for those who want to extend their store in the future.

What’s Next? It is your turn!

Are you looking to create a groceries online store with EWDC? Ask here!


Build Grocery eCommerce Store with EWDC!


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