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How to Start a Furniture eCommerce Business Online to Sell Furniture

How to sell Furniture Online

The modern home decor and furniture lessens your stress after spending with a hectic schedule at the office. As vast changes have occurred in the furniture world, many innovative startups are accommodating to the huge demand.

According to qz.com,” The online marketplace of India is expected to grow to $14.5 billion (Rs 88,921 crore), and online furniture share of retail is likely to go up by 2018.”

In the beginning, except a few organized players like Evok, Home Stop, and HomeTown; none other brands in the assembled brick and mortar decor retail space have controlled to create a large chain of stores. But, a group of online furniture marketers has come out in the last few years, providing new business models for a company which is certain to grow as India’s middle-class broadens and spending hikes.

Now, platforms like Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, and FabFurnish have become the most successful eCommerce portals of India as they drive the latest market and assisting people to furnish their homes.


As more and more numbers are going online — in the fast growth of eCommerce market in India; online furniture is industry seems to become one of the biggest niches.

It is easy to learn how to start a furniture eCommerce business and how to sell furniture online nowadays as the technology is simple to handle. Online shopping is a rushing marketplace. So, learn how to tap on your opportunity in it.

Having admired by the success of these platforms, EWDC carefully researched the online furniture business model and website features to share ideas for implementing an eCommerce marketplace for furnishing industry.

Let’s first have study over the revenue making capacity of such sites & the business model.

Online Furniture Business Model

An eCommerce furniture marketplace is a perfect platform for furniture craftspersons and traders who like to sell their products online. It lets retailers sell furnishing products like home décor items, appliances, and furniture to a big base. The website earns a commission for every sale made on it. This kind of sites can make revenue from featured listings as well.

Online stores manipulate the whole web part for the sellers – from the pre-sale listing of goods to delivery. It, in fact, is pivotal, especially taking into account the unorganized furniture market of India with most traders have no knowledge on the internet.

How to sell furniture online?

These days it’s easy to sell anything online, however when you sell big items like furniture, home decor or kitchen interiors, you need to make sure that you are doing it right. Below, we have put together some tips to learn how to sell furniture online. Let’s get started!

Choose a Well-Built eCommerce Platform:

To maintain your inventory and swear a simple and smooth user experience, you want a furniture eCommerce software platform that brings—without needing much tech knowledge to use it, and that lets you customize the way you wish just like EWDC’s furniture eCommerce platform.

furniture retail ecommerce website

Have a Clear Focus on Products Types:

Make products and exclusive deals easy for purchasers when they find them. Arrange an attentive menu which has a listing like below that features an extensive collection of products with simple movement to each.

  • Home Decor
  • Lamps & Lighting
  • Home Interiors
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Housekeeping
  • Hardware and Electricals
  • Wardrobes

Upload your Products:

For a current business, uploading the product inventory onto the site is important. Opportunities are you already inventoried all in a system. For this case, your furniture shopping cart software must give you a choice to do a bulk upload that will it make simple on how you handle your products on the website.

Comprehensive Payment Options:

When you learn to create a furniture eCommerce website, you will grasp that adaptability is essential. Your customers can pay in more ways and the more they will believe in taking orders. Give them identified payment portals like PayPal Express to assist and encourage your brand trust right out of the gate.

Mobile App:

With mobile devices becoming a principal source for online shopping, it is important for every eCommerce business to implement a mobile app. A mobile application is vital to offer customers a smooth way to buy online.
furniture ecommerce mobile app

Of course, it will not make commercial and business sense to carry out both together. If introducing your furniture enterprise with only a website, make sure you get the benefit of responsive design!

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Competitors in Furniture eCommerce Market in India:

Urban Ladder

It highlights firmly on high-end furniture products. This player has its reach on a very elegant segment of shoppers. Consistently its market share is the smallest.


It is the one of the leading online Furniture eCommerce industries in India and brags its collection source from Jodhpur, the furniture center of India. It has the broadest reach, and as of now it caters 200+ cities.


It is the owner of the most unique collection of furniture pieces. This runner for the high position has something to provide to both the best and global market divisions. The most enhanced collection of furniture, i.e., the maximum number of SKUs across every product classification is up to its fund. It functions on marketplace model.


A Hyderabad-based custom home furnishing store provides a solution for wardrobes, sofa sets and other home furnishing materials such as curtains, etc. than marketing only customized furniture goods that we market, such as dining tables, wall shelves, double beds; to name a very few.
furniture ecommerce market leaders in india

Take your Furniture Business Online with EWDC

Having experienced over the years in eCommerce website development, EWDC builds & starts your furniture eCommerce Business in no time!

Either you are a modern brick and mortar business or a new company, EWDC assists you to build and work your very own eCommerce furniture store in just minutes. Make your customers furnish their homes right from their computers, while your business benefits from a new sales channel which is simple to handle.

Our limited Furniture eCommerce script features will make easy your work on a setup of the online store, and it lets you sell furniture right away!

EWDC simplifies it to create & handle your Furniture online store.


All the features you want in your Online Furniture Shop!

Simple Interface

Easily handle your products within the clean admin panel. Upload products, edit inventory, add new products, feature items, and much more.

Unlimited products

Limitless to the number or kind of products you can market in your online store.

Inventory management

Control your whole inventory efficiently. Track stock counts and automatically stop product sales when the inventory exhausts.

Content management system

It simplifies to build new web pages, and the built-in blog software offers you a good sales and marketing tool.

Shipping made easy

Just combine shipping with all leading carrier and offer your consumers with following info for their orders.

Insightful reports

Examine and obtain insight into your products and orders. Follow growth trends and sales!

Run your business from your phone

When you’re away, your business does not stop. At once you can access your store analytics, update your products, fulfill orders, or contact a customer everything from your Smartphone.

Your clients can browse or search through your whole furniture lists fast and evenly and shop for products in a fraction of time. Optimized with a mobile-friendly website design to show beautifully on smartphones, desktops, and tablets, your consumers can purchase the goods wherever they are. You can also get furniture eCommerce mobile applications for Android & iOS users who can purchase on your website anywhere anytime on the go!

If you like to enlarge your furniture online business to create the most of added features and support, you can consider EWDC’s online furniture marketplace model. This multi-vendor feature lets you get a commission from many marketers who sell on your website, and this furniture eCommerce platform will take your business to places you did not imagine ever!
furniture ecommerce website development


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