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Why to Choose EWDC for Multi store eCommerce Software?

why choose multi store ecommerce software

Time, Effort and Money are the essential factors to own multi store eCommerce software.

Developers at EWDC gave attention to the factors and found the solution to handle the multiple stores. So, we have now multi-shop functionality with EWDC’s eCommerce software!

Have no more multiple website examples: one eCommerce software installation — one admin panel — multiple stores. For the need of your business, it enables you to build and modify a lot of websites, store views, and stores (more to it below). Have each store on a classifiable domain with a various design theme, different products, and customer groups to aim audience of every store. Instead, you can prefer the option to share customers, products, pricing and other data between different stores.

Nowadays customers are looking for convenient search and selection choices, personalized content, and a smooth checkout process. Therefore, owning a Multi store platform segmentation based on channel, customer process flow, audience demographics, or marketing strategy lead the way to progress – and EWDC is ready to present all these resources to you in just one simple eCommerce platform.

How is Multi Store eCommerce Software Different from Single Store?


With the multi-store eCommerce software, you can also:

  • Create/manage each new store with similar/different layout
  • Shared inventory between multiple stores
  • Different product details for each store
  • Manage and build stores based on brand, category, and so on
  • Manage all stores from one backend

Why EWDC’s Multi Store eCommerce Platform?

Easily Switch between Stores

A shift from store to store to see sales, orders, customers, and reports without the works of logging in and out or exploring outside resources.

Multiple stores allow you to handle multiple selling strategies or business models. Use product edits and uploads for every store or just one. This feature can be useful for controlling online wholesale and retail sales, multiple brands or multiple audience models.

Shared Inventory

To handle the multiple stores, you can make use of a real advantage of Shared inventory management. Either you provide various products for different stores or the same product across many stores, you can combine information and avert duplicate works.

Just once upload product SKUs, images and pricing and use it to multiple sections and stores. In the admin panel, click Catalog. Combine fresh products by just loading in the fields and specifying the proper layout tags. Or do a mass import for mixing a lot of the goods immediately.

Manage All Your Orders in One Place

Your Multi Online Store dashboard is created to offer an informative, at a glimpse view. The Orders Dashboard gives customer data, order status and totals from each store of you. So you can immediately see which stores’ sales are going high.

To see the dashboard, click Orders in the admin panel. To observe further information per order just hang over the listed order of interest. With one complete view of rules, save time and cut down on clicks.

With EWDC’s multi-shop eCommerce software features, you can:

  • Use one or several different domains
  • Manage multiple websites on a single dashboard
  • Create a separate catalog for each store or share the same
  • Restrict categories, manufacturers, and products per store
  • Use different default features for each store
  • Limit extensions per store
  • Use different languages
  • Use different base currencies
  • Use different payment and shipping methods
  • Have separate checkouts for various stores
  • Use single hosting plan and EV SSL certificate


Using EWDC’s multi-store eCommerce software feature will make your life simpler and offer you with following advantages:

Best UI and Backend:

It is very convenient for your customers to find your site. You can build a clear site which will occur in enhanced customer experience. Our platform suits itself to an excellent performance since it is created to manage a very significant business and visitor volume. Utilizing a standard configuration, you can have web stores and visitors as much as you want.

User-Friendly Dashboard:

Using a particular panel (Multi Shop eCommerce Software); you can adapt and handle all your stores. That single dashboard lets you build new web stores, drive promotional campaigns, and direct customers with efficiency. Besides, It adds a top-position reporting work which allows you to manage every activity across all your online stores.

Simple Management:

Site management will be convenient. You will get a central board with a capability to modify the theme and restrict expansions. All store can have their uniqueness.

Client Management:

Consumer accounts will be simpler to handle. Besides, you can offer various payment and shipment methods for various regions.

Product Management:

It is simple for you to scale your store and include new programs and sections to it with restriction over them.

SEO Friendly:

The development process of EWDC’s multi-store platform assures that optimistic codes will help to get the best possible rankings on search engines. It directly enhances visibility for your store. And it is clear that enhanced visibility brings solemn consumers on the view for distinct goods which only you can offer.

Build your Multi Store Ecommerce Website Today


EWDC’s multi-store eCommerce software is a tried and examined method for creating multiple websites which aim various keywords. If the mission of your eCommerce store is to increase the income or enter niche markets, different eCommerce websites will certainly let you catch a few visitors and turn visitors into possible customers. It further adds a multi-store eCommerce shopping cart; it lets you make several purchases without any annoyance.

Get your multiple online stores with a scalable solution created to manage growth and high volume.



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