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The Essential Tactics to Promote Your Magento eCommerce Store on Social Media

promote magento ecommerce store on social media

Magento is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms that is preferred by people over the globe for creating a highly profitable eCommerce store. Besides, it is a substantial eCommerce platform when it comes to promoting the marketing strategy of online businesses.

Whether it is a start-up or an established business, social media is a significant asset in promoting your magento eCommerce store. It not only helps you to discover the right target audience, drive traffic, builds your community, engages with consumers, but it also promotes your products and much more. Hence, being a Magento eCommerce store owner, you need to prepare a thriving social media marketing strategy to reach more social visitors over the web. Although, it is important that you integrate your magento store with social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram, etc.

If you want to integrate your Magento eCommerce store with famous social networks, you need to use social media extensions. Furthermore, social media extensions are crucial when it comes to exhibiting images and posts shared on social media of your online shopping website.

Here, we present you the strategies to promote your eCommerce store in social media. These tips will help your magento eCommerce site to reach a maximum number of people for impulsive branding.

Social Media Strategies to Promote Your Magento eCommerce Store

Setting goals:
Before you begin anything, discover the ultimate goals of your business. You require to set guidelines and benchmarks for what success will look like before you even think about catching tactics. You should understand what your eCommerce business wants to achieve through social media. Be as specific as possible by setting measurable goals that incorporate the:

  • Number of fans and followers
  • Amount of traffic you need to receive from social media
  • The ratio of visitants to conversions
  • The ratio of audience growth & engagement to sales
  • Number of posts related to the amount of engagement

Understanding you targeted audience:
You should know the need of your targeted audience while creating social media content. You cannot easily build the levels of engagement with your consumers if you are not thinking about their needs and specifications. Get insight by asking consumers what they need to learn about and monitor your target audience’s interactions on social media websites.

Tracking progress:
Since you develop your social media strategy, you need to determine how to get start a tracking progress such as revising your plan, creating reports, and communicating updates to team members each month.

Sharing, not selling:
Despite the fact that more consumers begin their purchasing journey on social media, most don’t visit social media sites with the intention of purchasing. Social media marketing is about building relationships first; selling is a distant second. That means you want to focus on sharing helpful information and building trust before trying to make a deal.

Let’s look at the top social media tactics to promote your magento store

Once you have established your social media strategy, use these crucial tactics to increase traffic and develop your eCommerce business:

Optimize social media posts regularly:
When it comes to getting more traffic and improving the customer engagement with your magento eCommerce store, it is vital to post content on a regular basis on all of your social media profiles. You should assure that you are engaging people in social media platforms with regular and constant social media posts. The daily posts must be planned for every site in terms of the number and time of posting. For instance, the optimal number of tweets per day is three while Facebook needs only one post. Additionally, whenever possible, include a visual element to your posts to help grasp the eye of your scanning readers.

Share the Quality content:
You should know the various platforms and post in a way that will appeal to the audience. Keep the experience social, contextual, interactive, and utilizing your posts to tell consumer stories, share news, and provide valuable tips. The remaining promotional posts with ones that educate, inform, entertain, and put consumer needs above your own. Additionally, think of fresh information that will entice users to engage and assure that people can discover the post by searches.

Use your Customer reviews:
Potential customers trust other buyers more than the dealer. Allow your satisfied customers to do sharing their reviews of your products. If you have received a fair review in your magento store, share it with a link as a social media post. In fact, 88% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. You can also report and like customer reviews that are posted right on social media.

Use visual content:
The amount of sharing high-quality images on social media websites is massively higher than any other type of content. Although, the image-based content is naturally more engaging than text-based posts, making it excellent for marketing your business on social media. In fact, researches show that using images is the most powerful tactic for optimizing social media posts. Pictures, gifs, and videos leave a more lasting impression than plain words. Make your product images shareable on sites that favor image-driven marketing, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Add social sharing buttons in strategic places:
Using a social sharing button is one of the greatest ways to get more traffic to your eCommerce website. You require to add social sharing widgets, like Facebook’s “Like” button to all of your product pages. This can be a powerful way to direct consumers toward purchasing your products.  Additionally, consider placing sharing buttons in prominent areas in your eCommerce website’s design. For instance, enable consumers to share their review of a product with their Twitter followers or Facebook friends, or enable them to share a sales offer or even a sales confirmation email.

Start a blog:
When you write fresh blogs or product reviews, you need to post the link to your social media. It is unlikely that people will discover the posts by chance, so this should improve your traffic significantly. In addition to showcasing your organization’s unique perspective or expertise, a single blog post can provide dozens of social media posts that engage followers and force them to click-through to your eCommerce website.

Interact with followers:
Social media is an excellent platform for interacting immediately with your potential and your customers. You need to monitor posts and engage with them on a regular basis to ask questions, reply to their comments, appreciate them for sharing your content, and participate in discussions. Here are some ways to promote engagement:

  • Join groups: Participating in groups is the best way to keep tabs on keywords, hashtags, and conversation topics. You can go through posts and retweet, share, or repost articles, photos, videos, and other interesting content that can prompt prospects and consumers to return the favor.
  • Build relationships with influencers: The people who have a strong following online can give a tremendous boost to a brand’s reach and trust factor. For example, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff has begun a social media partnership with supermodel Karlie Kloss, who latterly launched her own YouTube channel. And both brands benefit from being connected with celebrities in the fashion industry.
  • Host live chats: Live chats can be an excellent way to accelerate social media marketing campaign. It can lead to a compelling user engagement and benefits you generate more leads for your online business. You can have a conversation with your clients on the latest industry trends and other related topics to establish a loyal relationship with them.

Use hashtags:
Hashtags are a great tool to utilize on social media. It helps your content get found more regularly on social media platforms. It not only serves to organize the content and increase the reach of your posts but it also promotes interaction. So, you can add these in your posts such that people will discover your pages when they click on the pertinent tag. Although, avoid using too many hashtags in one social media update, defining them to one to three per post.

Add tweetable quotes to blog posts:
In addition to allowing readers to tweet an entire blog post, try adding “tweet this” functionality during your post to make quotes and phrases tweetable. Tools such as ClicktoTweet convert code for you to perform this process fast and easy.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Magento social media extensions

Social Rebate:
If you have a Magento store, it’s obvious that you would like your consumer to discuss it with their family members and friends, but that little happens. Though, Social Rebate is a kind of social media extension that attracts your clients to share your posts on social networking websites as it assists them in getting cash back.

Social Login:
Social Login is a very user-friendly Magento extension which It allows your visitors to comment, share, login and register with many social networks. Among those websites are Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

SocialPilot is another great social media extension for Magento that assists in marketing and promoting your products on various social networking sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook etc. It reduces your workload and saves you time and effort on social media. Besides, it allows you to prepare that for the entire month within 30 minutes.

Easy Share:
Easy share provides the ability to your consumers to share your posts and web pages to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. As a result, they are able to share them with all the major social media websites. Therefore, this extension gives your customers a strong social media sharing ability.

Social Suite:
Social Suite Extension is one of the best feature-rich extensions. With it, you can easily handle from the back-end from your magento store. It allows you to post products, login, and share or send messages on social media.


Hence, integrating social media into your magento eCommerce store is vital to be competitive in eCommerce. If you set the precise strategy and social media marketing tactics in place, you can increase brand awareness, drive more traffic and conversions, improve customer engagement and loyalty, and eventually grow your eCommerce business.

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