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4-Important Positive Steps Every Ecommerce Marketer should Take to Move forward in COVID-19!

positive steps every ecommerce should take

A Good eCommerce marketer doesn’t mean that you’re marketing well and selling your products digitally to customers. It’s also important to have a deep understanding of your target market — their day-to-day lives, their joys, their challenges, their perspective on the world around them. So, once you understand that you can decide-out how your brand fits into that particular story.


Currently, we all know the coronavirus outbreak is spreading at a larger rate and it leads to shutting down schools, businesses, colleges, and imposed social distancing, and completely put almost everything down that we thought of as typical daily life.


In such a case, as an eCommerce marketer what you have understood about your target audience in the pre-coronavirus lockdown is entirely different now. Today people are feeling communal anxiety and pain, their daily routines have likely changed completely. Employees started to adapt working from home and some have either lost their jobs or are risking their health to keep essential services functioning.


The other challenge is that there’s no playbook for this.

Therefore, as an e-commerce marketer, you should accept reality and connect with your customers by keeping the pandemic in mind.


But how? Here are  4-important steps that every e-commerce marketer should take to move forward in these challenging times and make decisions on how to re-evaluate your marketing plans in light of coronavirus.


4 Important positive Steps Every Ecommerce Marketer should plan With COVID-19 in Mind



The recent coronavirus pandemic is a health crisis that we’ve never experienced before, so it’s not surprising that it came with disruptions to the supply chain, hoarding of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, we see empty shelves at grocery stores, and stress on Amazon’s warehouses.


In a situation like these, eCommerce marketers should respond to customers with a change in real-time. For the first few weeks after the U.S. began taking serious measures to fight against the spread of coronavirus, the state seemed to change every day — having ripple effects on people’s feelings and behaviors.

The widespread events like the Coronavirus pandemic should always trigger a marketer to first step back and say, “OK — what do I have in the market right now?” Here are some of the most important 4 positive steps you can take to reanalyze your plans, recenter your thinking, and focus on what’s next.


1.     First Sit, Relax, and Don’t panic:


I am so serious, please sit — but not in front of your computer and brainstorming how to market your products in this challenging days— but to sit in a chair and take a few deep breaths. This is not a time to eCommerce marketers to fear, but take this as a great chance to gain customers’ perspective. Today people’s lives are at risk, but not from your marketing campaigns. Your business is so much important for you, but on top of all this, you have to keep your mind first and foremost on your health.



The next part of not panicking is to not quickly pulling back on all your digital marketing efforts. It may seem like a reasonable option to cut marketing budgets to save the cash flow, but consider what’s known as the “mere exposure effect,” or the event that being exposed to something more, will make you like or appreciate it more.



Keeping your business in front of your customer’s eyes could help increase their perception of your brand even if they’re not in the stage of buying right now.



2. Assess your present images, language, and tone of voice.


Evaluate everything that you presently have in the market, starting with the channel that drives more traffic to your business. So, now start accessing those assets and messages from a new perception: today most of them are living in a world with record-high unemployment rates, economic uncertainty, and general anxiety.



So, your marketing messages (both copy and imagery) should take consider the coronavirus impact of cultural events on your customers. Furthermore, they may be in a sensitive emotional state and probably not in the mindset to make a purchase from your business.



As the pandemic crisis grows, the level of sensitivity required will likely go down a bit, and at a certain point, some light humor might even be appropriate in some situations. But you have to understand the organic lead of the community — this is not a place to lead the front lines.



3. Manage marketing campaigns and timelines.


Let’s face it: your well-structured marketing campaign plans might have to be pushed back. But that’s ok. Don’t mix them altogether, instead take some quality time out to concentrate on the situation at hand (and quality time it says to get your own house in order — take care of your family and employees, keep them safe, and perform the best you can).



And soon it’s time to turn. So, draft a message that is sensitive to the prevailing situation, takes into consideration your customers’ new situations and concerns, and is honest, transparent, and human.



The best example of this kind of messaging pivot is what recently Nike did shortly after Americans were requested to stay at home if at all possible.






It actually means human to stay at home. Further, it’s inspiring. It aligns with the zeitgeist. And the simple, black-and-white creative adds to the gravitas of the message without pulling it into dreary gloom. Instead, it has an underlying tone of hope. (And they put it out fast.)



4. Have a positive mindset, but don’t be insensitive.


Always as an eCommerce marketer, try your best to win the race or at least keep an upbeat attitude and show your customers that you are there for them in these unprecedented times and also still hopeful for the future.



That said, watch that you don’t move forward the line into perhaps being seen as insensitive by reducing the scale of the pandemic or its impact on human life.






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