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Top 7 Revenue Strategies for E-commerce Startups in Lockdown!

Revenue strategies for ecommerce startups

COVID-19 is disturbing India in an unprecedented manner. Further, to deal with this Coronavirus pandemic, the government issued an order for people to be under lockdown since March 25, 2020. However, it is uncertain to predict, when the Coronavirus fades out completely and when the lockdown ends. Therefore, we at EWDC, doing everything that can offer guidance to our clients and retail business owners around India to start up an eCommerce business to combat further COVID-19 outbreak.


Furthermore, one of the biggest concerns that I get today from many Ecommerce Bussiness owners who recently navigated from offline retail to online store at COVID-19 is- How to Increase Revenue for my eCommerce startups in Lockdown? 


Below, I’ve shared a list of top 7 Revenue Strategies for E-commerce Startups, that other businesses are following have taken in response to COVID-19.



Top 7 Revenue Strategies that Boosts Your E-commerce Startups in Lockdown!

1.Reach out and Sell Products to your Existing customers


So far, you run a brick and mortar business, but this immediate shift to online store may cause some anxiety, how to gain revenue?


Don’t worry, first start prioritizing your high-value customers to ensure their lifetime loyalty.


So, once you inform your existing customers that you’re turning online and encouraging them to buy online from you at any time and anywhere. 


revenue stategies


Existing and new customers on your website will have questions related to shipment and deliveries, the timeline for your website to resume sales, how sell is your facility sanitized, and more. 


So, to get connected with customers and to gain revenue, remember to provide different contact options such as Facebook, Twitter, email and Whatsapp chat option on the website so they can easily connect with your support team who can help address the queries and boosts your eCommerce business.


2. Offer Free Shipping or Local Pickup and Delivery


As an eCommerce startup company, don’t put a barrier for some period. There are online shoppers who consider Shipping cost is a barrier for them to avail of a few product/service from your online store.


revenue strategies for ecommerce startups


So if you can, consider offering free shipping. Another option to avoid shipping costs is to offer “curbside pickup”. It means local customers can buy a product online and pick it up from your store (even if you’re not technically open).


3. Extend Your Free Returns and Exchange Time Period


Yes, it is one of the sensitive topics that understanding customers’ uncertainty and providing them an option to grab it later as per their comfort.


During this coronavirus pandemic, as many delivery stores are under closures, where returns and exchanges become more challenging with online purchasing. 


revenue strategies for ecommerce startups


In such cases, if you’re announcing to your customers that as they don’t want to be unhappy with a product they received, they can exchange it anytime. And, you’re extending your return and exchange policy to 365 days in acknowledgment of the current climate.


This creates trust among your customers and incentivizes online sales.


4. Create your Presence on Social Media

Currently, customers who are in self-isolation due to the coronavirus are increasingly looking to find new ways to get connected with the outside world through social media. 


So, as a new eCommerce startup, you can brand your product through leveraging the social media presence. Here, you can upload posters, content that speaks to your connection about your current offers and discounts in product/service. 


revenue strategies for ecommerce startups


For instance, from virtual showrooms to live-streamed yoga classes, brands are getting creative with their social media channels and tapping into their already-loyal audiences.



5. Plan Your Marketing Messaging 

During the coming weeks, it is important for brands to act according to consumers’ needs and plan your marketing and advertising in the right manner.


It means pausing certain campaigns for certain products and plan it according to the current situation. 


Assuming that nothing has happened and planning the digital strategies, as general, can bring in more problems for your business. 


revenue strategies for ecommerce startups


Hence, keep in mind the delicate situation, and primarily while incorporating the digital marketing situation, you must recognize your clients and need to identify this change and act accordingly. 


So, instead of asking your customers to buy your products and services as normal. Remember the lockdown situation and create advertisement campaigns with the help of digital marketing strategies. This is one of the ways to stay connected with your customers and remain in your customer’s mind.



6. Increase Your Average Order Size

Yes, the other important revenue making strategies for startup eCommerce business in lockdown is to try Increasing the average order size.


Implementing this as a revenue strategy for the first time can seem to be difficult in the long run.


revenue strategies for ecommerce startups


But, if you choose it as a strategy and execute a plan accordingly to make it successful, you will likely find success soon.


For instance, If your average order size is $50, offer a 10 percent discount at $75 and a 15 percent discount at $150. So, once your customers make a checkout, have a pop-up to remind them like they are only certain dollar amount away to get a discount and present some items in that price range for them to choose from.



7. Expand your Products

Top of all the revenue strategies listed here, this is the most effective for eCommerce startups to boosts revenue in lockdown.


During this coronavirus lockdown, understand your customer’s needs and add the products they are likely to buy. Troll your competitors and figure out what’s selling well.


revenue strategies for ecommerce startups


Talk to your suppliers and see what other stores are selling and what others lack.

On the other hand, you can also ask your customers what they want on social media and according to that expand your product range and sell them for profit.




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