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A Look into Hyperlocal Marketplace in Brief & How to Build Hyperlocal eCommerce Website and App for your Business

How to Build Hyperlocal Marketplace eCommerce Website & App

Hyperlocal marketplaces have been making a bunch of buzzes these days. The remarkable growth of internet users, surge of payment opportunities, the rise of geolocation aware devices and proper demographics have covered the way for hyperlocal eCommerce businesses. There is a wide range of services on offer, from grocery delivery to home, office and personal care services. Hyperlocal Marketplace system is services-based or inventory-based which is mostly happens in urban India.

Hyperlocal marketplace system is more helpful for both merchants and customers. The merchant can simply add the location where they can ship their products. The customers can enter their area, check the available products and merchants in that area. The Merchants/administrator can add their location according to their products are shown to the customer. They can also add shipping rate as per the location range.

Particularly in developing countries, where the retail trade almost completely was hyperlocal. Growing the number of startups, new businesses in this particular space and raising the enthusiasm of investors highlights the amount of potential in the Hyperlocal marketplace. It has now made delivery of everything from mobiles, electronic items, groceries and medicines right from the shops near your home along with an upper hand over eCommerce regarding faster delivery, lesser shipping costs and trust of the customer. The demand in the hyperlocal delivery which is already skyrocketing with customers becoming more conscious and pro-technology. The people now feel much more satisfied by purchasing everything with a click of a button.

In recent times, apart from new hyperlocal startups, eCommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart also have entered this hyperlocal space. And the new wave of well-funded hyperlocal eCommerce businesses have emerged as a threat.

What is hyperlocal?

In a layman’s terms, a startup in the hyperlocal marketplace to empower local offline services from everywhere, anytime. It’s sufficiently adequate to explain, but executing the model can be a difficult task.

A decent utilize case is listing all local grocery, and mom-and-pop stores items in a mobile application and picking channelized workforce to deliver products in the least possible time.

Another favorite hyperlocal service covers ordering food from a neighborhood fine dining restaurant which generally won’t deliver at home.

What are Hyperlocal eCommerce Businesses?

These online retailers have an extreme physical vicinity to the consumer. While a vast nationwide grocery retailer may expect you to order today so that they can deliver tomorrow, a hyperlocal grocery merchant would guarantee that you get the grocery with an hour.

The hyperlocal startups will deliver food, medicine, groceries, customer goods, and services to you. A unique characteristic of this is that their whole supply chain is found entirely near to the customer and also the vendor. Therefore, the merchants are themselves retailers or smaller merchants. For example, Starbucks does not home deliver its drinks in many countries. A few nations have developed a hyperlocal delivery model where one can order anything from one’s region. So anyone could order hot Starbucks coffee from a hyperlocal eCommerce business.

Why need hyperlocal marketplace?

There are two types of businesses today: one that is handling offline and another one is online.

So far, a change in customer behavior with the network effect of the shared economy has elevated the marketplace model in online businesses. Add to it the remedy for customer area and all of a sudden the offline businesses worth billions of dollars are initiated in the online world.

Hyperlocal platforms resolve the problem of matching quick demand with the nearest available supply in the most optimised way. In short, if you require your air conditioner fixed, wish to order food from an excellent restaurant or need to get a haircut inside the comforts of your drawing room, just look to the beginning and yet the large hyperlocal system for a solution.

Benefits of Hyperlocal eCommerce Businesses:

  • Although getting off the ground is comfortable, scaling is harder as one needs to replicate a similar model frequently in various regions.
  • As hyperlocal businesses reproduce themselves in different regions, they feel the pressure of the client’s expectation of quick delivery.
  • Given the little geographic spread of a hyperlocal business, marketing spends are normally very effective as there is little wastage.
  • Many western countries have not been commonly hyperlocal in their local business. So countries advancing their own hyperlocal eCommerce industry don’t have a model to gain from.
  • The providers of hyperlocal retailers are frequently other retailers. Thus, controlling quality and inventory can be a difficulty in a few cases.

Build your hyperlocal marketplace website and App with EWDC:

The specialty of owning a hyperlocal marketplace website empowers you to cooperate with different dealers. So you can market their item or service and trade online on just one platform. Moreover, from various retailers, you will get a commission through your site on all trades. Listing out your products or brand alongside different vendors will make it easy for clients to compare costs and shop on your eStore with no trouble.

Build Hyperlocal eCommerce Website and App

We at EWDC help you to make the hyperlocal marketplace in India. If you have any plan of starting an eCommerce business in India or improve sales of your current business, we are delighted to help you out building your online presence.

How can EWDC help you to create a hyperlocal eCommerce website and app?

EWDC allows you run a business with the latest technology trends, without remarkable investments and time-consuming deployments.

Our readymade eCommerce solution allows you make your hyperlocal eCommerce website and Apps. It also encourages the stores to increase their sales and customer base while letting users shop mainly at their ease and facility. Our hyperlocal marketplace based eStore appears with the mobile applications (Android & iOS) for your consumers. We also offer a robust admin dashboard, so you can control everything in your website.

Meanwhile, choosing a ready-made online store like EWDC doesn’t acquire costs on licenses purchase, equipment, installations or required adjustments – the beginning costs are pretty small for hyperlocal startups, and of all, it is the one-time cost!

Sure that, the difference of the storefront does not require the employment of any individuals as you can do it independent of anyone else. Indeed, even the smallest graphic details can be managed separately in the admin panel of an eStore.

Features you get when you create a hyperlocal marketplace website with EWDC

  • Free setup/installation
  • One-time cost
  • 100% Source Code
  • Fully Customizable
  • On-demand iOS & Android mobile applications
  • Simple mechanism to measure individual commissions
  • Choices to set national & international shipping
  • Dedicated dashboard & admins can efficiently control vendor account
  • Hassle free admin options for hyperlocal marketplace owner & vendors
  • Live chat & support

User-Friendly Features:

  • Wishlist or buy later
  • Easy sharing options to Social Media
  • User reviews, comments & product ratings
  • Product comparison with other sellers
  • SMS & Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Multiple online payment methods including COD, debit & credit cards
  • Logins via social credentials for buyers and sellers

Powerful Features for Admins:

  • Show/Hide new product or category
  • Enable or Disable individual profile pages of vendors
  • Manual product approvals by store administrator
  • Control of ‘Stock available’ or ‘Product sold’ count
  • Manual or Auto-approval of Vendor accounts by admin


For further information about building your hyperlocal marketplace website, keep in touch with us here or call us to +91 9884203777 for a quick inquiry.

Get connected to us to make your hyperlocal eCommerce website! We are India’s leading eCommerce solution specialists. Also, we will guide you on the right path.

Visit www.ewdc.in and live chat with our experts who will answer all of your queries about how to make a best hyperlocal market websites using EWDC’s eCommerce platform!

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