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How to Build Grocery Shopping Apps for your Grocery Business

grocery shopping mobile apps

According to Morgan Stanley Research, one-third of world online customers will be shopping their groceries online in 2016, which would create the way for mCommerce to meet the next big opportunity. And, it happened the way it was proposed!

Yes, don’t take Grocery shopping as a bit of fun; ask this century’s generation about how to shop for all kitchen needs. But the answer will be – “No idea about it.” Perhaps store owners can have Grocery Shopping App for their online selling business to make it easy for the youngster and busy working professionals to shop groceries online.

Because people expect a transformation in the Grocery shopping:

  • In the grocery shopping experience
  • From an overcrowded grocery store
  • From pre-advanced grocery shopping list
  • And to save the valuable time

To bring these expectations of people out with care, EWDC created grocery mobile apps solution. This will help current generation to shop trouble-free. Also, the grocery store owners would benefit a lot from this business.


These days everybody has installed grocery apps on their device. It is because grocery shopping and delivery has driven a huge people to do shopping online.

Now you must be pondering why would a regular grocery (Maligai / Kirana) shop owner advance into making a mobile app for groceries. The reasons behind are – an excellent opportunity to do business and get further more sales unlike before.



We would like to assist Local grocery stores in scaling up and supermarket businesses to increase their revenue further with “Mobile Apps for Online Grocery Store.”

Our Ready-to-go Grocery Shopping App offers following features:

Building grocery apps for the customers should make them experience the convenience and efficiency of the shopping. A challenge is waiting there due to a long listing of products which grocery delivery app may have. Here are a few important features which the grocery app requires:

# Rich in UI/UX:

A feature rich and unusual visually designed app enables a user to register or sign in without any problem.

rich in ui ux

# Categorization of Products:

We like to delight the users with a smooth shopping experience which draws a lot of sales for our clients. Therefore we toiled to create a high-ordered application. We give priority to classify the products into various kinds. It helps the users choose the needed products fast.

product categorization

# Different Payment Modes:

We fulfill all primary payment gateways. It assists the users to have safe, instant, and secure transactions.

Different Payment Modes

# Smooth User Experience:

We have thought of providing necessary things for the user and combined with our feature rich grocery shopping app. It enables users to operate around easily and spare time.

Smooth User Experience

# A Powerful Backend for Managing your Grocery Application:

The application works in-sync with the backend admin panel of the online grocery store where the administration (store owner) has the entire control to manage the stocks and functioning of the platform.

Other Essential features of grocery shopping apps to make it more functional:

Coupons: To enable the customers to download the grocery shopping app coupons are the right choice. So providing coupons by the app is imperative to increase customer support.

Push notifications: To inform the customers about the discount details or the new grocery item and for the further details – make the availability of push notification on your grocery app.

Flexible payments: To stay away from shopping cart abandonment – enable your grocery store to accept various currencies and all the leading payment gateways.

Timely delivery of products: Let the customer choose the location and delivery time. This convenience encourages multiple customers following in a practical shopping experience.

Advanced search options: Combining advanced search options assists the customers to get the particular grocery to the least extent.

Multi-lingual facility: If you like to take your app to a global level than the support of multi-lingual will be profitable.

Store locator: Using the location based services to inform the customers when they are next to the warehouse rises availability.

To meet these urgent needs, we have created and developed a complete solution for grocery businesses who like to prefer mobile.

Build eCommerce App and Website for your local business with EWDC and Start Selling Online!


How to build your Grocery Shopping App instantly for iOS and Android with EWDC:

Mobile app for groceries will take a prominent place in the field of online shopping due to the movement of people towards it. Selling grocery products through an app which reproduces the features and functionality of apps like Bigbasket, Pepperfry, Grofers, etc. place you in a favorable position.

As a grocery application development company, we understand that instinctive design is reached in equal measure via graphic design and creative coding. Therefore, a ready-built mobile application with all the above-said features has been built by us which will produce real survival and the enormous potential for growth.

Our readymade Grocery Mobile Commerce app development solution allows you make your grocery shopping app on Android and iOS platforms that are ‘auto synced’. It means modifications done at your website backend gets reflected immediately on your grocery mobile app.

It encourages the stores to increase their sales and customer base while letting users shop mainly at their ease and facility. As a paid website application service, the stores can entirely access the backend of an app while the shoppers can experience the app free from their mobile devices.

Different from the SaaS-based platform, our Magento grocery mobile app work in-sync with your usual online store connected to the backend of the website. Based on the strategy, the need-gap has to be fulfilled which is in the modern market for online grocery shopping. The apps are handy and assist in facing the growing shopping needs and various store concepts.

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Our Magento based Grocery Store Mobile App appears with iOS and Android application for your customers. We further offer a robust admin dashboard, so you can almost control all.

Looking to build a mobile app for an online grocery store? Get your Grocery-specific Android & iOS Mobile Apps for as low as Rs. 49,999 only!

Create long-term customer loyalty, higher conversions and more revenue for your business with EWDC’s Grocery Mobile App for Android & iOS.

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