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10 Best Tips to Take High-Quality Product Photos Using Smartphone for E-commerce Platforms

tips to take high quality photos using smartphone

Just launched your new e-commerce business? Having less budget to buy a new DSLR camera to take high-quality photos? No worries, you know, you are carrying the camera you need in your pocket every day. Yes, I am talking about your Smartphone. In today’s blog posts, you will learn the 10 best tips to take high-quality photos using your smartphone. This is both budget-friendly as well as user-friendly. 


30-second summary:


  • Most of the newly launched e-commerce business owners run out of budget to invest in a professional photographer to take high-quality photos.


  • So, to help them out, here are the 10 best tips that they can leverage to take high-quality photos using smartphones just like a professional photographer.


Without further ado, let’s get started!


Before getting ready to know the tips to take high-quality photos using smartphones for E-commerce platforms. Here are some things that you need to know.


Thing 1: Have a Right Smartphone


This is because not all smartphones are built equal, particularly when it comes to their cameras.


Below are a few smartphones that have great camera features:

  • iPhone 8 or newer
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9
  • Samsung Galaxy 8 Note

If you have one of these above devices, then you have a high-quality DSLR alternative right at your fingertips!


These device cameras are around the 12-megapixel mark, so it can give you the image quality you need. 


Thing 2: Right Accessories


Once you have gotten the appropriate smartphone, the following are the accessories and gadgets that can be used along with your smartphones to take high-quality images.


  • Backdrop
  • A table
  • A lighting setup
  • A stand or tripod and 
  • A lens to help your images stand out!


Now, let us dive in to know the tips to take your tiny pocket computer and produce high-quality product photos for your ecommerce business.


Tip 1: Position Your Products


The first step to produce a good image with high quality is to ensure that the scene you set up is the right one, to begin with. 

This is because, the new users who are visiting your site for the 1st time want to see product-focused, high quality images that make it really clear what you are selling.

On top of all this, before you start snapping, you want to ensure your ecommerce products are kept clean and your setup is correct. 


Tip 2: Know Your Background


For every product shot, choosing a plain white background is considered as the best. 

The white background lets your product really take the spotlight and removes any distractions.

You can also display your products to your audience in their environment. For fashion, it could be on a model. For cooking gear, you can shoot in the kitchen. 

No matter what product you have, make sure the background works well for the product as well as for your target customer. 

Avoid distractions and ensure any background adds to the focus instead of taking away from it.


Tip 3: Have Proper Lighting


Natural lighting i.e the sun rays are best, free, and much more forgiving to work with than artificial lighting.

If you are taking photos inside, set up your white background “studio” with a window to either the right or left and a white reflector of some sort on the opposite side.

This lights your product evenly and without shadows.

If you’re taking photos at night or in a room where natural light is limited, in such a case, you can use artificial light.


Tip 4: Capture Different Angles and Details


Purchasing through Online, customers cannot feel and touch your product. So, try to provide many details and angles of your products. This helps the customers to view your product completely before they make a commitment.

As the price of the product is high, the customer needs much knowledge before they make a purchase. Make sure to display lots of high-quality images of your most expensive products to help make the sale.

Try to capture all the sides and angles you can, and make sure to zoom in on detailed areas and points of use: zippers, buttons, controls, straps, etc. 


Tip 5: Choose the highest quality/resolution setting you can


Unlike film, file space here doesn’t cost you anything. 

Choose the largest file size and the highest quality resolution setting your smartphone allows. 

This will give you the best image possible, to begin with, and you can reduce the size of the file when you edit.


Tip 6: Do Not Zoom In


For a quality picture, Digital zoom is not great and it’s the only type of zoom you have got with a smartphone camera.

But if you need to portrait your product closer to the audience, just move in close to your product. 

This will give you a much better-finished product photo than zooming in.


Tip 7: Don’t Use Selfie Cam


Remember never use a selfie cam to take photos, always Use your rear-facing camera. 

Back facing camera will almost always be higher resolution than the front-facing camera. 

Also, trying to capture images with the selfie camera will almost always give you weird angles. Avoid doing it!


Tip 8: Have Clear Lens


Camera lenses are very easy to hold everywhere in pockets and purses. So, it can get dirty, smudges easily.

Therefore, ensure to clean your camera lens properly before your photo session. Cleaning helps to remove Dust, dirt, and smudges on your lens and will be super noticeable.


Tip 9: Turn off the flash Light


Turning on the flash on your smartphone to take a  picture is not so good. 

Get your lighting right for your photoshoot and let your flashlight remain a flashlight because it’s no good for photography.


Tip 10: Edit Properly


All the above tips help you to capture the product at a high quality. Now it is time to edit and update photos to your ecommerce platform.

  •  For editing, don’t use your smartphone. You’ll not get much better results. Try to bring your images back to your computer and use Photoshop, GIMP, or Darktable to edit your images.
  • Don’t overdo it. Whatever you use to edit your captured images, beware of overediting. Less is more. Removing background and Cropping is fine, but it’s easy to go way too far editing with filters and end up with an image that looks like you used a Snapchat filter. It is not worth it!


Ready to Take Your Product Photos?


You don’t have to have a professional camera or rent a DSLR or even a professional behind the shutter button anymore. If you need high-quality images for your online store, it’s now easier than it ever has been. Take your smartphone, set up your “studio” and start shooting your products.

Remember that if they aren’t perfect, you can always take more at free of cost and time.


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