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10 Essential Tips to Optimize Your E-commerce Website Design to Get Never-ending Sales

ecommerce website design tips

Want to drive more traffic and turn all your website visitors into customers? Definitely, you will if you follow these 10 essential e-commerce website design tips.


30- second Summary

  • Be it startup Ecommerce business or established e-commerce store, both of your goals would be making more sales.


  • However, your businesses progress through plateaus and declines, which makes you feel discouraged.


  • Hence, in this post, we will look at the top 10 essential eCommerce website design tips. This will definitely boost your eCommerce business and helps you in achieving more sales.

When we talk about e-commerce, one that strikes into everyone’s mind is the website.


Yes, a website can either make or break your e-commerce brand.


Therefore, it’s very important to have a great e-commerce website design, which helps you to see more conversions in no time!


Some of the important E-commerce Website Design Stats:


  1. 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend an E-commerce business with a badly designed website on mobile
  1. 81% of consumers search online before they make a purchase in a physical store.
  1. 75% of people make a decision about eCommerce sites based on their aesthetics.
  1. 94% of all first impressions on an e-commerce website are design-related.
  1. 38% of users will stop visiting an e-commerce website if its design is poor and unattractive.


So, how you can optimize your e-commerce website design for never-ending sales? Here we go,


1. Build Websites for Visitors


From product images, descriptions to contact info. Your e-commerce website is served for your customers.


Hence, when it comes to e-commerce website design, it’s very crucial to build websites for your visitors and not for Google.

Your e-commerce website should have a paramount user experience that makes the purchase process quick, easy, and stress-free as possible.


It is predicted that 88% of users will never return to a website after poor user experience.


Therefore, build websites with good user experience. In this way, you can turn visitors into potential customers and turn potential customers into regular customers.


2. Have a Simple E-commerce Website Design, among the important E-commerce Website Design tips


Compared to complex website design with plenty of colors, ad banners, and pop-ups; Having a simple website with a strong call to action gives the best impression and adds value to your visitors.


So, if you want to optimize your eCommerce website design to increase sales, Keep your design clear, clean, and simple—and keep the focus on the sale.


Therefore, to make it look simple and clean, remove away any unnecessary information, and use a simple web design theme with lots of white space.


This will not distract your customers and lead them to buy your products.


If you need help in optimizing your e-commerce website design, you can feel free to contact our e-commerce website development company.


We offer 100% customized solutions tailored to your unique requirements.


3. Have a View Shopping Cart Button Visible


Shopping Cart button is nothing but the icon which helps buyers to add their required product of the online store in the cart from where customers can buy it later.


Generally, this view cart option appears at the top right corner of the e-commerce website page. However, to increase the conversion rates it is vital to have this button visible at all times.


Furthermore, this button is the most important button on your entire website.


Therefore, the essential tip here is to make this button look bright color that sticks out from the background. It should also be larger than other buttons to make it the easiest one to find.


4. Optimize your Pricing Honestly

We all remember the proverb “Honesty is the best policy”.

Therefore, when designing an e-commerce store, never forget to optimize the price of the products or services honestly.


Be transparent and don’t hide any information for visitors to find on your site.


Many studies have proven that displaying shipping information too late in the purchase process ends up in increased cart abandonment rates.


Hence, make sure your customers can see the total price of a product, including shipping, prior to making a purchase.


5. Have a simple and quick Checkout Process, among the essential E-commerce Website Design tips


Checkout Process is one of the most important steps to increase sales.


If your e-commerce website design has a complicated checkout process, then there is a higher chance of cart abandonment rates.


Therefore, in your checkout process, request only the necessary information like shipping address, name, and payment information.


Moreover, if your product or service is entirely digital, then there is no need to even ask for an address as it won’t be being shipped anywhere.


Having a simple checkout process, but still finding higher cart abandonment rates?


Don’t worry! Studies reveal that only about 2% of an e-commerce store’s visitors will make a purchase on their first visit to the site.


To make them buy, you can follow digital marketing strategies like “retargeting campaigns”. This can convince people to come right back to your site and complete their purchase.


6. Optimize for Mobile Devices


Today, we cannot see anyone without holding a mobile phone in their hands.


As it is easy, convenient to use, a little over 50% of all websites are opened from mobile devices.


It is estimated that if a website is not mobile-friendly, 40% of users will not engage.


Therefore, it’s very crucial to optimize your e-commerce website design for mobile use.


Here are some tips on mobile eCommerce optimization.

  • Speed Up Your Site loading speed

Mobile users have limited patience. It is predicted that 47% of users expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds.


  • Have a responsive layout

Having a responsive layout allows your website to fit any type of screen or operating system.

So you don’t have to bother about making a completely separate mobile version of your site for every different type of device.


7. Include social proofs like Reviews and testimonials, among the necessary E-commerce Website Design tips


It is reported that 61% of online shoppers will read customer reviews before deciding to purchase a product.


Using ratings, reviews, views, and likes provides social proof of your products to your customers.


On the other hand, adding customer reviews right on your ecommerce store will also quickly and easily promote your sales and conversions.


Therefore, use this helpful statistic to your ecommerce website like product-reviews directly under each individual product’s description.


If you don’t have many different products, you can also include a completely separate page of your site for reviews and testimonials.


8. Have Your Products Organized

Yes, it is the other important aspect of ecommerce website design.


To make it as easy as feasible for users to find their needed products, you must keep your ecommerce products on your site organized into specific categories like accessories, electronics, and more.


Further, to streamline the search process, the categories should be easy to find through a menu bar. This will also give users a glimpse into product categories they did not even know you had.


9. Allow users to Filter products, among the important E-commerce Website Design tips

On the subject of search bars, you can enhance your e-commerce site’s search features by creating filters available.


Nothing is worse than finding the perfect pair of footwear online only to realize the ecommerce store doesn’t have your size.


Allowing buyers to filter your products is the best way to avoid this pitfall. Some of the popular search filters include size, color, brand, and price.


This enables users to search your website for the product they need while also ensuring the results they see are as specific as possible to what they want, making the navigation process as hassle-free as possible.


10. Use High-Resolution Photos, among the major E-commerce Website Design tips

Last but not least is using quality photos.


Online shoppers believe and trust you by the way you showcase the products.


Unlike brick and mortar stores, they can’t touch and feel the product. Therefore, to ease this pain point, you’re supposed to enhance your ecommerce web design with high-quality product images and maybe even video displaying about the product.


Having high-resolution photos is absolutely necessary.


Any pixelation or blurriness can turn customers to go away and never come back to your website, thinking your product is cheap.


Therefore, consider creating photo galleries for each product so that consumers can click through them and see multiple angles of each product.


Recently, a popular feature is a pop-up box where buyers can zoom in on a particular image and look at the fine details of that product.


This is about as close as you can get to providing visitors to physically pick up a product and examine it before making a purchase.


If possible, you can also use lifestyle images of people actually using or wearing your products.


This actually increases more conversion rates. Clothing is much more enticing to look when it’s being worn by a model rather than being laid flat or on a mannequin. Moreover, some products are easier to sell when you can show them in action.




So there you have it! These are the 10 tips to Optimize Your E-commerce Website Design to Get Never-ending Sales.

Furthermore, it is also predicted that by the year 2040, 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce.

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