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New E-commerce Strategies Business Should Follow to Combat COVID-19 Crisis!

e-commerce strategies

Currently, the Covid-19 Crisis- the disease caused by novel coronavirus has tremendously affected consumers, sellers, and everyone across the world personally, financially, and professionally. So, it’s very important for every e-commerce business to adapt to these rapidly changing conditions and modify your present e-commerce strategies to best serve your customers.

Hence, keeping this in mind, we have outlined some of the great e-commerce strategies plans that online retailers should respond to the Coronavirus pandemic.

So, without further ads, let’s look at some of the e-commerce tactics you may consider during Coronavirus to modify your current e-commerce strategy.


E-commerce Business Strategy to Follow during Coronavirus:


  1. Explain your Current Situation to Customers:

Yes, it’s important to share your experience with your customers in a way you’re reacting against the Coronavirus.

So, start explaining to them, how the crisis has impacted your e-commerce business (both negatively and positively).

Doing this helps in building trust and confidence upon you in between the public.


e-commerce strategies

Confidence here is- all other physical stores are closed, but your e-commerce store is healthy and able to weather the storm.

So, what can you explain?

  • Share like what you are doing to secure business continuity in your warehouses, contact centers, etc.
  • Inform them of the steps you are taking to protect your own employees who are in the office or warehouse.
  • Further, try to apologize for any shortages to your customers that impact your supply chain.

The ultimate goal of sharing this is to create empathy with your customers.

The ways you can share your experience:

  • Post a video Message on your homepage.
  • You can also do social media marketing by creating content on social media concerning Coronavirus.
  • You can also do email marketing with the existing email addresses to ensure your potential customers are safe during Covid-19.


  1. Promise your customers, their online orders are safe:

This is one of the most important e-commerce strategies to follow during coronavirus to run your online business successfully.

Remember explaining to your online shoppers- what you are doing to minimize contamination in the shipping process.

You should give them the trust upon you to buy your products online.

For this, you can also create blog posts explaining that there is a very low risk for transmission of the virus on buying your products.


e-commerce strategies

Further, you can also provide customer best practices for keeping social distancing with the delivery driver and wiping down packages with disinfectant wipes before opening, etc.

All this helps your e-commerce business to run without any disruption during Covid-19.


  1. Different Payment Method:

Mainly due to this lockdown, many of the consumers started to buy online including underbanked.

Hence, to serve those consumers, it is important to support alternate payment methods such as Venmo- a mobile payment service owned by PayPal.

Furthermore, you should also keep in mind, today consumers deal with near-term cash flow concerns and upcoming car, rent, and mortgage payments.


e-commerce strategies

Thus, you should try to consider offering payment plan options.

This encourages customers to buy from your store and pay for the items later in the year when the threat of the crisis is in the rearview mirror and the economy is in recovery mode.

  1. Encourage consumers to think ahead:

Currently, Several large merchants and marketplaces are prioritizing critical products and consumables over general categories.

Thus, general categories are becoming very less serious.

Therefore, you should start encouraging your customers to estimate buying needs and order multiple items at once.

e-commerce strategies


This helps them to reduce the number of shipments going to the same address.

Moreover, this will also reduce pressure on the fulfillment network, i.e. discourage the Prime mentality of buying individual items as you need them.

  1. Focus (short term) on usability over design

COVID-19 has put an unprecedented strain on the internet as well as mobile networks.

This in turn causes slowing down the entire online experiences.

So, as an e-commerce business owner, you must ensure you are prioritizing the overall site performance of your mobile and web experiences.


e-commerce strategies

Now is the right time to cut back on those high-resolution home page banners and just ensure that the basics of being able to browse and shop do not become frustratingly slow for your customers.


Don’t Forget General E-commerce Strategies:

However, you’re modifying your current eCommerce strategy plan to combat coronavirus. Here are some other general eCommerce business strategies, you should never forget.

  1. Have high-quality Product pages:

The critical eCommerce strategy to follow to attract a huge pool of audience to your online store is having high-quality product images and descriptions.

Showing good viewable thumbnails in the search engine results page will help users to find the desired product in one click.

Furthermore, they also get a better idea of what you are offering, and at the same time, you can increase your conversion rates.


e-commerce strategies

When talking about product description, don’t just describe a product plainly, rather explain the specific product features and its benefits.

This entices potential customers to purchase and the way it would help them and improve their everyday life.

  1. Focus on Producing Consistent and Quality Content:

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to apply in today’s digital world.

Furthermore, providing quality content adds value to your customer and the readiness to buy.

Hence, in the world of advertising that changes constantly, you must understand your customers and provide them the right solution that connects with your product.


e-commerce strategies

Therefore, always understand your target audience, what their interests are, their demographic data, etc, and consistently publish relevant, valuable articles with good and easy-to-share options.

Some of the Best tips for good-looking content is to include:

  • Lists – They are more readable than paragraphs.
  • Question headlines with “How to”, “What”, “why” text relate to your reader’s problems.
  • Topical posts – This is relevant to something trendy and popular.


  1. Optimize Shopping Cart Functionality

In order to prevent customers from abandoning their shopping carts, you must ensure your shopping cart functionality is perfect and easily navigable.

The best way to identify whether the shopping cart works well or not? You must test it frequently. Because this is the main business goal to get revenue.

e-commerce strategies


Hence, clear the checkout page, and remove distractions and/or possible places to exit.

Do you know? Many studies also prove that fewer clicks during checkout, the higher your conversion rate will be.

  1. Enhance your Social Media Strategy:

One of the best marketing tips to follow to grow your business is to have a Social media account.

Yes, Visual social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, are usually best for online shops that are selling products.


e-commerce strategies

However, you cannot ignore Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing, because it holds more than 75% of all internet users.

Therefore, be it any business, in today’s digital world having a social media presence can help your audience find you.

Hence, the next eCommerce strategy to improve your business is social media marketing.

Did you Know? Social networks influenced 74% of shoppers for their purchasing decisions.

Some of the social media marketing practices you should follow

  • Post quality and interactive content daily and consistently
  • Always try to use images when posting, even on Twitter.
  • Don’t forget to use analytics to track your audience’s engagement.


  1. Have Strong Call-To-Action Landing Pages:

With the development of personalized landing pages with an ideal copy, your e-commerce online store increases the chance of attracting more prospects who are willing to buy your products.

Therefore, always have specific attractive landing pages for different groups in your target audience.


e-commerce strategies

Hence, outline your buyer personas and use analytics to discover the general demographic segments you are owing to.

Steps to build high-converting landing pages that drive sales, sign-ups, or subscriptions

Here are some suggestions:

  • Landing page content should have only one particular purpose and only one CTA (Call to Action) button.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple buttons, but it means you guide the buyers to the same conversion goal. Conversion rates will decrease if the buyer’s attention isn’t focused well enough.

  • Create clear user-friendly designs for all of your landing pages.

The only clickable elements should lead the visitor to the desired goal. It is a great idea to hide the navigation bar at the top, social media icons, or elements that can confuse the visitors.

Closing thoughts

I hope the above-discussed practical e-commerce strategies help you in combating the COVID-19 crisis.

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