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Best eCommerce Platform for Startups in India – EWDC

Why EWDC is the Best eCommerce Platform for Startups in India

Are you planning to start your eCommerce website? Are you an offline business and now wish to take your small business to reach global consumers through eCommerce? If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then make sure it’s done on the right foot. The most crucial decision you need to take is to choose the right eCommerce platform. Let’s discuss in-deep about the Indian eCommerce market and which is the best eCommerce platform for startups in India.

The Indian eCommerce market is growing up at a rapid pace along with the new technology innovation. Also, the new opportunities are opening up for startups and small businesses entrepreneurs. According to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) survey, propelled by growing smartphone penetration, the launch of 4G networks and increasing customer wealth, the Indian eCommerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026. This also makes India one of the growing eCommerce markets in Asia Pacific region.

So, if you are a startup who want to start your own best eCommerce business in India, then you should look for a sophisticated eCommerce platform that can assist you to build your online store with no flaws. With specially-designed services around cash on delivery, online payments, delivery management, multi-vendor, and multi-store features – EWDC is only the best eCommerce platform for startups in India. Because, it will be customized for that Indian turf.

Why EWDC is the Best eCommerce Platform for Startups in India:

Here are the important features of EWDC. Also, this features will determine why it is a best eCommerce platform for startups in India.

Beautiful Storefronts

You will get access to use more online store themes that are customized for your eCommerce business. All of our themes are fully customizable. So you may modify your theme and build your online store according to your requirements. Our EWDC’s eCommerce platform emphasizes the best checkout procedure in the market. Hence, you can optimize your trades while giving your clients an all-in-one experience.


Our EWDC’s Storefronts includes:

  • Responsive Themes
    EWDC’s eCommerce platform has excellent responsive themes including ‘fit-all-screen’ compatibility. Also, it enables buyers to purchase from your eCommerce website using mobile phones or tablets.
  • Customizable Breadcrumbs
    This breadcrumbs feature helps the users to navigate your online store more efficiently. You can also have added custom breadcrumbs if needed.
  • Add to Wishlist
    Visitors can add products to wishlist without page reload with just a drag and drop feature in a user-friendly manner.
  • Multi-Wishlist Option
    Add the unlimited number of wishlists with advanced features. It also enables the consumers to copy or move products between wishlists for later use.
  • Best / Top Sellers Widget
    This also helps to display the best, or top sellers of the products for any page on your eCommerce website by system generated or manually adding functionality.
  • Related Products Widget
    It will display the suggested or related products on the category, product, and shopping cart pages utilizing the order and page view data.

User-Friendly Dashboard

EWDC can allow you to configure and control all of your online storefronts using a single dashboard. It will enable you to create new eStores rapidly, run promotional campaigns. Also, it helps to manage consumers with incredible ease. A robust reporting capability is also included, so you can easily monitor activity across all online stores.

  • Invoice Management
    You can customize and manage single or multiple invoices efficiently with flexible invoice management features after shipping process.
  • Stock Administrations
    You can monitor all the stock changes. Also, you will get the notification when the stock level goes below the specified limits to pre-order stocks.
  • Content Management
    In-built CMS editor enables you to customize and organize the content. Besides, it will differentiate your online store from the rest of other eCommerce websites in India.
  • Print Invoice
    Additionally, EWDC gives the ability to print invoice bills in the PDF file formats with just one click.
  • Multiple Invoices
    This also allows you to create multiple invoices and multiple shipments per order to support for split fulfillment.

Mobile-ready Shops

Create your online store with EWDC and get a mobile-ready website, which implies your customers can reach you wherever they are. The mobile-responsive themes from EWDC help auto-alter your online store. And it helps to enhance the theme to any mobile screen to improve navigation and usability. With a significant populace of India had gone mobile, you realize you have to prepare yourself!

Sell Anything and Everywhere

EWDC allows you to sell a range of various products. It also supports four different product types by default. Simple, Virtual, Downloadable and Configurable. So, that means like Grocery, Fashion, electronics, and furniture. Also, you will get the ability to configure and manage delivery methods based on the product, customer origin, and the shipping carrier.

  • Unlimited Categories
    This also gives the ability to add unlimited categories, sub-categories or product attributes seamlessly to sell multiple products of any range or quantity.
  • Unlimited Products
    EWDC’s eCommerce platform comes with unlimited products, features, attributes, specifications, product images and more custom options.

Robust Mobile App

EWDC offers sophisticated eCommerce mobile app solutions to enhance your mCommerce (mobile commerce) on the Android and iOS platforms. Build long-lasting loyalty with customers, increase conversions and profits to your retail business with our EWDC eCommerce solution. With the revolution of smartphones, it has never been so easier to reach consumers on the go, and to make them purchase on mobile devices! At EWDC, we also help you establish and expand your online store reach to mobile shoppers through mobile commerce apps designed for eminent app platforms.

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EWDC Mobile App Solution Includes:

  • Store Locator
    EWDC offers GPS-enabled store locator. It also allows your customers to receive location, working hours, and contact details of your online store.
  • Push Notifications
    This also enables you to engage directly with your customers by sending instant alerts to their mobile phones right on their lock screen.
  • Barcode/QR code
    Direct your customers to product or cart for quick shopping using the mobile scanner that your eCommerce store and mobile experience.
  • Coupons
    Develop mobile-centric incentives to capture the mobile users and increase conversions effortlessly by creating promotional coupons.
  • Order Tracking
    EWDC’s simple order tracking system allows your customers to track orders from warehouse to their doorstep.
  • Analytics
    Besides, EWDC’s user-friendly dashboard allows you to analyze your performance metrics to create data-driven decisions on your mobile marketing.

Ready with Multi-Vendor Marketplace

EWDC is a feature-rich multi-vendor marketplace for small businesses in India. With its unique features including easy management of vendors, orders, shipping and commissions from the feature-rich dashboard. It also has the multi-vendor functionality integrated from the ground up. EWDC is an entirely customizable Multi-Vendor eCommerce platform which can be made to best fit to convert your target audience into paying consumers.


  • Unlimited Vendor Accounts
    Our multi-vendor module can have an unlimited number of merchant accounts. And the online store admins can limit the products a vendor can create.
  • Vendor Dashboard
    In this feature, all the vendors will have a separate area to manage their own setting and product listings. They will note interference with other activities.
  • Seller Shipping Management
    This also helps the vendors to directly contact courier service provider, add tracking numbers for the shipment of goods from the warehouse.
  • Manage Vendors/Customers
    Additionally, EWDC’s shopping cart site administration has full access to control, manage or block seller accounts and customer accounts at any time.
  • Vendor Plan and subscription
    Also, the admins can set different membership plans where the dealer can get subscribed based on pricing. Their subscription status will be reported to them.

Fully Secured

EWDC is a fully secured eCommerce platform for startups and small businesses. Moreover, it will make your online shopping website more safe and secure! It also comes with a configuration to SSL certificate. PCI Certified hosting, SSL technology, and anti-fraud measures protect you and your customer’s information, inspiring confidence in your business. Therefore, all the pages, content and transactions will have a high level of security with https support.

International and Domestic Payment -Ready

EWDC is included with all top payment companies in India. With us, you will get ready to accept cash-on-delivery, Credit-Card, Debit-Card, Online Banking and PayPal orders in your eCommerce store.

  • Payment Gateway
    We also support all payment gateways such as (CCAvenue, Billdesk, Braintree, Google Checkout, Amazon pay, Sagepay, Wepay, etc.). So, these integrations will be more helpful for smooth transactions of your eCommerce store.
  • PayPal Integration
    Easy setup of PayPal payment integration and speeding up the checkout process to accept payments by the automatic or manual process.

Free Installation with lifetime updates

We also offer free installation and setup facility with extensive documentation to update changes without a struggle. EWDC includes free lifetime updates to improve your eCommerce website. And it also helps to keep your online store more competitive with other eCommerce platforms in India.

24/7 IT Support

Moreover, our support team is knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals. They are also available at all times. So in the case of an emergency, you can contact our team to solve your doubts.

For further details about building an eCommerce website in India, keep in touch with us or call us at +91 9884203777.

Visit www.ewdc.in and live chat with our technical experts to know more about eCommerce platform and how to build your online shopping website with the best eCommerce platform for startups in India – EWDC!

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