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Build Your eCommerce Websites with Our Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Software

Best Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Software

Are you looking to start an online store? If you are currently involved in a profitable eCommerce business? Then you have probably started to enjoy all the benefits of keeping your eCommerce store available to prospective customers 24/7, all the year around. However, if your online business is growing and you are planning to offer more products from many vendors in a single online store, think about building your own online marketplace with using the best multi vendor shopping cart software. When the merchants have an opportunity to sell products under one “multi-vendor marketplace” irrespective of what they offer, it’s a possible option to increase a customer base dramatically and boost potential incomes.

As an online business owner, you need to be familiar with the essential concept of multi vendor shopping cart software which helps to develop and manage an eCommerce website efficiently. But, when it comes to creating a multi-vendor marketplace, where multiple services and products are provided, you should understand that such an enormous project needs a more powerful eCommerce solution. Among the various multi-vendor marketplace script, EWDC proves as one of the best selling multi vendor shopping cart software in the industry.

At EWDC, we take an exceptional pleasure by offering you one of the best multi-vendor marketplace platforms intended primarily for creating virtual shopping malls with many storefronts and product suppliers. Providing a b2b marketplace solution with an added multi vendor shopping cart software, EWDC’s marketplace functions designed for merchants to sell and manage their products in a single storefront.

Why is EWDC the Best Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Software?

EWDC’s multi-vendor shopping cart software is designed to manage precisely with any difficult tasks and match preferably any particular eCommerce terms, even the most superior ones, without needing to invest a lot. It also comes with advanced functionality allowing many vendors to manage their products in a single place with a standard storefront. This unique multi-vendor eCommerce script will save your precious time, money, and making creating an online marketplace a comfortable task.

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Besides, our multi-vendor shopping cart software incorporates all the essential features to give all the merchants with a smooth online trading experience. Every merchant can quickly configure their shipping methods and payment, have the complete power over what is added to the product catalog, control the inventory changing own settings, etc. Although, our technical experts will guide throughout the entire process that your multi-vendor marketplace will be lived and running conveniently.

Here are the essential features of EWDC. And this features will prove why it is a best multi vendor shopping cart software.

User-Friendly dashboard:

EWDC’s multi-vendor eCommerce script will allow you to configure and manage all of your online storefronts using a single dashboard. It helps you to create new eStores rapidly, run promotional campaigns, and manage customers with incredible ease. A robust reporting capability is also included, so you can easily monitor activity across all the online stores.

Unique Storefronts:

You will get access to utilize more online storefronts that are customized for your eCommerce business. All of our storefronts are entirely customizable. So you can modify your theme and build your eCommerce store according to your business terms. Our EWDC’s multi vendor shopping cart software highlights the best checkout procedure in the eCommerce market. Therefore, you may optimize your trades while providing your customers an all-in-one experience.

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Separate Vendor Panel:

EWDC’s multi vendor shopping cart software will provide every merchant with a separate admin panel. It will enable your vendors to control their own settings and products. The vendor panels incorporate only what merchants demand and it allows you to modify in your online marketplace. The merchants will not interfere with each other.

separate vendor panel

The merchants can do the following aspects:

  • Add merchant administrators with various access levels to the admin panel.
  • Manage their products, orders, filters, options, and features.
  • Import/export products and orders.
  • View merchant account balance.
  • Set shipping methods and taxes.
  • Add various informational pages, forms, links, and polls.
  • Select currency and language.

Multiple Product Page:

With using our multi vendor shopping cart software, the vendors can create an unlimited number of templates for product pages to expand them. For instance, a merchant who trades jewelry will likely pick a product template with an extensive product image to exhibit small items in detail. Furthermore, the vendors who sell electronics may prefer a broader product description.

Customizable Script:

EWDC’s multi vendor shopping cart software is fully customizable as per your online business model. It has feature-rich responsive designs on the latest trends. It also comes with out of the box design and scalable platform. We place absolutely no restrictions and offer you full access to test and tweak all parts of your eCommerce website. EWDC’s multi vendor shopping cart software gives you unique flexibility and the choice to be innovative, creative, and to launch your online marketplace in ways that will make you bolder, faster, and more likable than your competitors.

Multilingual Support:

EWDC’s multilingual functionality will support multiple languages so that sellers and customer of any location could use your website for buying/selling products. This feature will allow you to attract vendors from the different countries. Therefore, you are not bound by language limitations anymore, and you can sell your products worldwide with the Multi-Vendor feature.

Robust Mobile App:

EWDC offers advanced eCommerce mobile app solutions to improve your mCommerce on the Android and iOS platforms. Make lifelong loyalty with shoppers, boost conversions and earnings to your eCommerce business with our multi vendor shopping cart software. At EWDC, we also assist you to launch and grow your online marketplace reach to mobile consumers by our sophisticated m-commerce apps.

robust mobile app

Order Management:

In our multi vendor shopping cart software, the consumers don’t require to place various orders to purchase items from different merchants. They fix just one order and get a single payment in this situation. This provides your clients the most convenient checkout process. From the admin panel side, two separate orders are created, and every merchant can see an order that includes only their goods.

Bulk Product Editing:

The vendors can mass edit their products, and it saves your time while updating products globally. The stock parameters can be edited in bulk for hundreds of products listed in your multi-vendor marketplace. This bulk product editing feature will make the time of your vendors a much easier.

Analytics & Sales report:

Our multi-vendor shopping cart software is integrated with high-end Google Analytics. This will generate comprehensive statistics about your online store visitants. It provides you deep insights into your site traffic and marketing effectiveness. It also helps to track sales and get insights through in-depth reporting feature to increase profits.Google_AnalyticsMoreover, you can analyze and get understanding of your products and orders. The sales report provides you precise statistics on the trades in your online marketplace. Although, you can follow growth trends and sales!

Multiple Payment Options:

EWDC’s multi-vendor eCommerce software has simple offline & online payment options like cash on delivery, credit card, and debit card payments to fascinate more shoppers. We also support all the domestic and international payments gateways like (Google Checkout, CCAvenue,  Autherz, Amazon pay, Skrill, Discover, etc.)

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EWDC is a best multi vendor shopping cart software, and also it is a full & full secure platform for your online business. Additionally, it comes with a configuration to SSL certificate, PCI Certified hosting, and anti-fraud measures. This will preserve you & your client’s information. Besides, it will make your online marketplace more safe and secure.

Get an inspirational online store with the perfect multi vendor shopping cart software, EWDC! Visit www.ewdc.in and live chat with our technical experts to get more details about our multi-vendor eCommerce script.

Build you multi-vendor marketplace with EWDC


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