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How to Build a Marketplace App?

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So you have planned to venture into online marketplace and looking on how to build a marketplace app. Great! Building a marketplace is a big journey filled with learning regardless of the outcome. Many marketplace startups are emerging to eat the industry, and some are growing at an unpredictable speed making the economy more productive and transparent.

Why Build Marketplace App?

Marketplace apps are perhaps the trendiest startup currently and market leaders like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Uber, Airbnb, Groupon are great examples of billion dollar business going at an unprecedented growth. They have shown the importance of B2B, B2C, C2C marketplace concepts. But, more than any other application, a marketplace’s success is based on its design, performance, execution, and scalability.

How the Current Generation Shop?

marketplace stats

Source: https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/omni-channel-retail/

As you can see, the marketplace business stands the 2nd “populated” for sellers and buyers next to branded shops.

Feedvisors’ survey in 2016 polled 200 sellers which showed almost 63% of sellers sold via marketplaces only.

internet marketplace stats

What does it tell you? It is about various marketplaces as “mainstream” like B2B, B2C, C2C dominating the consumer market with other giants in the industry.

people make from marketplaces

C2C marketplaces are in huge demand offering services through marketplace apps:

Some Marketplace Categories that are currently trending and profitable:

Following are a few flourishing marketplace categories:

  • Housing (Airbnb)
  • Travel (Housetrip)
  • Car Sharing (BlaBlaCar)
  • Commerce (Etsy, eBay)
  • Work Platform (Uber, Lyft, Freelancer, Upwork)
  • Education (Skillshare)

Now let’s get smoothly into setting up your very own marketplace app and what features are required to build your marketplace app.

Defining the Product:

Define what your app needs to deliver to the customers to see if the users are really interested in using the buy button. There are some types of benefits customers expect in a marketplace such as quality, quality to price ratio, luxury, and must-have. To get to know the exact value proposition for your business, the following are some of the queries you need to answer:

  • What is the best product/service do you sell?
  • What is the benefit to the end user after the purchase?
  • Whom do you want to avail your product/service?
  • What is the uniqueness of your offering compared to others?
  • How are the tasks are carried out in the marketplace?

When it comes to mCommerce, it is very hard to differentiate major features as they are almost similar to your competitor’s app. However, you can always do some extra work in offering value add-ons or something that could attract the buyers. It may include free shipping, next day shipping, money back guarantee, discounted pricing, free product listing for vendors and other small freebies or benefits that you could offer additionally.

Considering the risks evolved, following are some of the recommendations to build a marketplace app for your niche:

How to setup your marketplace app?

Here’s something you need to look for in a marketplace app before setting up:

Customer App:

Home Page – for promotional activities and to showcase products and deals on the main page
Category Page – to segment collection of like-products into groups allowing users to buy their desired products
Product List – listing products on category pages or search results page.
Product View Page – has the full information of the product where customers can configure and add the products to the cart
Checkout Page – supports multiple payment methods and allows hassle-free checkout

Vendor App:

Dashboard Page – consists of vendor-related information where they can view products, orders, earnings, recent sales, etc.
Add / Manage Products – include any kind of product and edit it at any point of time, also can add featured product listing
View / List Orders – displays the total number of orders where vendors can process them with one click
Reporting and Setting – vendors can view the reports of products and orders. Also, they can manage setting for payments and shipping
Easy Login / Signup – vendors may easily signup or login using social media accounts

Why Build Marketplace App from EWDC?

EWDC provide you the best-in-class industry platform to buy and sell on a single marketplace app. We have cost-effective marketplace application development to build your eCommerce business. The customers of your store can download the app, browse through the products, view and purchase right from the store. It also allows the customers to view the vendor details, reviews, and purchase products from their desired vendors. A separate app for the vendor is also provided that helps vendors to manage their products and order through vendor app.

EWDC specializes in marketplace app development and assists projects of various business niches. Having developed a few marketplace apps, we know how much effort does it require, how many resources and what kind of technologies are required to do so. Hire our skillful developers to build your profile online marketplace app!

For more details about marketplace app development, take a look into our website – www.ewdc.in

Have a project in mind? Get in touch with EWDC at +91 9884203777 or email us to info@ewdc.in!



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