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25 Smart eCommerce Digital Marketing Tools to Increase your online Store Success


A consumer expects from businesses and brands make differences with every technological disruption. If it is seen or not, we’ve experienced frequent changes over the past few years that could influence e-Commerce marketing and sales!

After having created online stores or websites, there is a big challenge awaiting for online marketers and store owners to market online. For them, the main issue is in the form of selling and promoting their goods and allow their brand draw many visitors on an everyday basis to enable your products to be bought by them and convert them into customers.

Implementing smart eCommerce digital marketing tools below can help your current online store raise its conversions and sales:

SEO & Traffic Tools

1. SumoMe:

SumoMe offers you with email capturing and analytics tools. You can get content analytics, welcome mats, and scrolling sidebars.

It has added tools to which you can share much easier. Highlighter, for instance, lets visitors share any text which has been highlighted on the page.

To build your audience and email list in new ways, you can try this tool.


2. SEMrush:

SEO is a large part of our work as eCommerce marketers. We have to give more importance to optimize our product pages rather than optimizing content.

SEMrush is an SEO tool that offers you in charge of your competitors. You can find the keywords they are most ranking for, where their backlinks come from and PPC insights.

Taking guidance from your SEO efforts, it may show you where some lost opportunities may lie.

As well as excellent domain analysis, you get data on individual product pages. If you want to test how well your SEO efforts are working, or check what sites your competitors are aiming to get their individual pages ranked, then this is the best tool.


3. Google AdWords:

Millions of people prefer Google AdWords to view your website as well as search for products on Google. You can promote your website on Google’s search results (mobile or desktop), as well as on Google’s GDN (Google Display Network). By using Google AdWords, you can create video marketing campaigns to be added on YouTube. Google is large- holding many keys- so you have to take advantage of it with an efficient way to promote your brand.


4. SiteScout:

It gives you to be able to optimize your campaigns and assist you to get your desired goals. They provide real-time bidding and reporting that lets advertisers have an eye on their campaigns and optimize them for the highest possible ROI. The another potential of using the SiteScout platform to get clients through other networks- Google, Appnexus, and Adtech.



Conversion Optimization Tools

1. ClickTale:

Using this tool, you may understand the whole attitude of the customer. Clicktale has a proactive approach to testing and acting upon your conversion funnel. Using their visual map, you can come to know where they drop off along the funnel, what they do after leaving and how you can do to get them back. This data is got from mobile and desktop and no collections of any new data in theories which are tested. You have to get understood the reason of actions of your user.


2. Mousestats:

This tool offers a visual “visitor playback” of the user experience providing you with a whole analysis of precisely where your customers click when on your site. Heat maps provide you a sign of which buttons, banners, and forms work best.


3. Optimizely:

With the assistance of Optimizely’s visual editor, you can create changes to your app or site with relaxing and without any programming. You can now see your tests’ results clearly, so, credit goes to the Stats Engine.


Boost User Engagement

1. ZenDesk:

This tool enhances the relationships of a customer. It provides different customer support options such as voice support and chats as well as other apps and extensions to assist get your clients and take feedback from them. Their extensive data and insights help to create customer relationships which are more relevant, productive and personal.


2. Nanorep:

“Over 50% do not shop because of bad customer service experience”- a report at Nanorep. To avoid this remark, Nanorep aims to offer a communication which is highly personalized, relevant and immediate form with their customer on all their pages and for each product. Through any device, customers can be in connection with them anytime, anywhere. Besides, customers can find answers on their own without being “moved off” to another channel. A unique approach to on-demand guidance helps the customers of Nanorep through their digital journey.


3. Liveperson:

You can message your users through whatever channels they like. But, not just cling on to that, make Liveperson provides engagements aim from anywhere and however you want. Let your consumers feel convenient to contact you or begin a conversation with you. Through mobile messaging, engage with your customers. That’s right brand, and customer links to provide the user the full experience of service.


4. Olark:

A live chat tool for your website is Olark. It is very fast and easy to carry out with just a few lines of code.

Each visitor who begins a conversation (and vice versa) is responsible for their customer journey so far. It lets you reach a better idea of them as a single client.

You are not aware of these conversations can provide challenges too as well as the type of language they are using to describe them is valueless.


Increase Visibility of Products

1. Canva:

Creating with non-design oriented folk in mind, Canva is a flexible nevertheless unbelievably useful tool that lets you build great design assets fast.

From social media assets to blog posts imagery. It’s very easy to put great looking images together when you’re pressed for time and budget.

You can use the different design assets. Canva offers (shapes, layouts, etc.) or uploads your own. Then just export and use it wherever you need.


2. 3dbin.com:

You get the opportunity to build any of your products in the interactive view of 360 degree. Upload the pictures which you have taken to their website and voila a 360 degree object which is easy to attract customers, increase sales, and share. If you miss a chance to use a professional photography, you can just use their iOS app to send your customers and watch their surprise when they keep eyes on your product!


3. Idomoo:

Idomoo is a personalized video cloud-based platform. It gives a real-time video which is customized. It is a communicative revolution with your customers. In fact, on a large-scale, video advertising, targeting, and retargeting secure are made. Their success is manifested in the results. Idomoo reported they had seen a 15x higher ROI than any other digital marketing communication channel.



Featured Users’ Reviews

1. Yotpo:

The Yotpo tool allows you to create more reports that also lets you raise your sales and create your community. This tool encourages your customers to submit a review by an automatic email after shopping. These reports have proven to boost site ranking on Google importantly.


2. eRated:

eRated review tool lets you import your reviews from over 40 marketplaces and social networks like eBay and Amazon. eRated reviews and rating widgets have affirmed to increase sales by up to 150%.


3. TurnTo:

“A picture says a thousand words.” TurnTo gives priority to visual reviews rather than text review. Just like people enjoy sharing selfies, so too visual reports let customers share moments like “unboxing” and gift-giving to act as “explainers.”


Analytics Tools

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most important instrument that marketers use to get a high-level picture of what goes on their website. Conversion tracking and goals setting are advanced features which you can take advantage of it for the effectiveness of this tool. With mobile playing a substantial part in any eCommerce strategy today, companies with mobile apps can also use Google Analytics for Mobile Apps to measure the impact their app is having on their business.



2. Cyfe:

Are you looking for an instrument to track SEO keywords ranking, search engines, multiple websites, and top referring domains? Cyfe has the features of all- in-one online business dashboard. It assists you to track all your data from one place, including social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, and infrastructure.


3. Kissmetrics:

A study by eCommerce platforms, “This is the first tool any owner of a website should install Kissmetrics on their site; certain features make them an absolute must on eCommerce sites.” With the powerful and most comprehensive analytics solution of this tool, you can receive vital information. It leads to raising the acquisition and retention rates of the customer. The great detailed information which you get lets you make more informed decision on layout and more.


Email Tools

1. MailChimp:

MailChimp is one of the best instruments in the business when it sends out newsletters and drip campaigns. MailChimp created Mandrill. It is a transactional email marketing tool. Based on user behavior, it sends trigger emails.

It’s quite a development-heavy tool. Go back to MailChimp for their “eCommerce360” feature when coding skills are lacking to be applied. It lets you send automated emails based on goods your customers purchase and to follow-up after shop.

If you start working, this may prove to be the best option. For more complex, tailor-made needs try Mandrill.


2. Good Email Copy:

Good Email Copy is nothing but a collection of email text from great companies. Front collected and got lots of attention on launch day. There, it was enjoying 2589 upvotes on Product Hunt. It is forever a good sign of the level of value.

Feedback surveys, welcome emails, and new features (products in our case) are all best instances of emails; you can implement to your marketing.


3. Referralcandy:

New York Times reported that 65% of new business comes from referrals. So, we have an efficient market channel as eCommerce marketers. But, to spread the word for us, how do we boost our customers?

ReferralCandy answers this problem, letting you build referral campaigns on the fly. You can set offers, different rewards, and control what your clients can and cannot see.

Each client receives their referral link, which they can then send to their friends. You restrict the rewards they get for a single friend they successfully refer.

With your influencer marketing efforts couple a tool like this, and through a convincing way which you have, to tap into a larger audience. All while tracking which influencers bring you the best results.


Content Strategy Tools

1. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is an easy tool for us by taking out the guesswork. It lets you search keywords and find favorite pieces of content based on data – i.e. social shares and backlinks. It enables you to pay attention to topics that are going to be successful. Not only that, but you can find the top sharers of similar content to yours.

Do you know why it is useful? Duo to as part of a bigger outreach system, you can add them. Just identify content related to your own and get out to the Twitter accounts of the top sharers.

It even lets you organize outreach and influencer lists, beyond this content and social sharing data.If you want more sophistication in your influencer marketing, this could be it.


2. Contentmarketer.io:

Contentmarketer.io is made by Sujan Patel and Colin Mathews. It speeds up the outreach process. CSV of contacts can be uploaded or have your content to be scanned for the names you’ve mentioned.

From here, you can build similar emails (including personalization) and send them out in bulk. You can even do the same for Twitter messages and mentions, letting you scale a two-pronged approach.

If you’re looking to go deep with certain individuals, this may not be the right solution. For broader outreach campaigns, however, this takes an enormous amount of time and effort out of the process.

Note: The tool contentmarketer.io (notifier and marketer) has been shut down and the founders re-branded the next version connector as mailshake!

Let us end here:
Now, have a sigh of relief. Hope, this pretty long article lead you to challenge eCommerce marketing with its different tools.

These are the best eCommerce digital marketing tools to execute fast, even though, you approach a new market to test out and look for a specific solution.

Besides, these tools will not get you far whenever you use the right tools without the right strategy in place. When eCommerce customers look for a seamless experience across all channels- social, email, mobile, and web, there you are in need of the assistance of digital marketing consultants who would assist you with the application of digital marketing strategy for your company!

Would you like to have a free consultation on our eCommmerce Digital Marketing services? Get in touch here.


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